Things to Know Before Selecting a Laptop Messenger Bag

One of your laptops most important accessories is its messenger bag. The carrier you choose will not only make your laptop easier to take with you, but it will also keep it protected. Also, many leather carriers have extra room for your other necessities like books, writing or reading materials, and personal items.

How do you wear a laptop messenger bag?

Laptop messenger bags are versatile in that you can carry them either across your body or on just one shoulder. You can usually shorten or lengthen the canvas strap to wear the bag higher or lower on your body.

What features should you look for in a laptop bag?
  • Laptop fit: You want to find a bag that will snugly hold your laptop, without it being too small or too large. Carriers are made to fit certain laptop sizes, so choose one that coincides with the size of yours. See the manufacturer site for details.
  • Padded strap: If youre going to use your laptop bag a lot, look for one that has padding in the canvas or leather straps. This will prevent the bag from irritating your skin or putting too much pressure on your shoulder.
  • Interior space: In addition to the sleeve or compartment for your laptop, you may need extra space inside the bag to hold your chargers, work or school supplies, or other devices.
  • Exterior space: If this carrier is going to be the only one you carry, you may want pockets on the outside to store items you use often, like your keys or wallet.
What are the benefits of a cross-body messenger laptop bag?

Messenger bags that are worn across the body are ergonomic because the weight is evenly balanced so that neither side of your body gets more pressure than the other. Canvas or leather messenger bags are often sturdy as well. Some messenger bags also have extra straps for your waist if you need to secure the bag further.

How do you find a high-quality laptop bag?

Look for brands that specialize in bags designed specifically for tech, business, or travel. These manufacturers are more likely to know what type of protection you need in a carrier, whether its made of canvas or leather.

Will the laptop get damaged if it rains?

If you may be wearing your laptop bag in the rain, look for one that completely covers and shuts over the laptop. Avoid getting a leather one, especially suede. A messenger bag with a built-in laptop sleeve that zips on its own, with an additional flap that securely closes the entire bag, will help to keep your computer safe from the elements.