All You Need to Know About 18k Yellow Gold Necklaces and Pendants

Many people enjoy the luster and timelessness of 18k yellow gold. An 18k yellow gold necklace and pendant goes well with casual wear and formal attire. Shop on eBay to find a great selection of 18k yellow gold necklaces and pendants.

What are some types of necklace chain links?

There are many interesting and beautiful types of chain links, including:

  • Cable Link Chain - This type is made of a series of circle or oval links.
  • Rope Chain - This kind looks very similar to rope or cording and is very strong.
  • Figaro Link Chain - This kind is made of several series of three small oval links followed by one longer oval link.
  • Wheat Link Chain - Possibly one of the strongest necklace links available, this type is very similar to the rope chain except the weave gives it a different aesthetic.
What types of clasps come on gold necklaces?

Three of the most commonly used clasps on necklaces are the lobster clasp, barrel clasp, and toggle clasp. Lobster clasps are named such because of their similarity in look to the claw of a lobster. This type of closure offers very reliable closure. The barrel clasp is made of two ends that look like barrels and screw together to connect the two ends of the necklace. Finally, the toggle clasp has a loop on one end and a bar on the other. The bar is threaded through the loop.

Styles and designers of pendants available on eBay

Pendants come in many shapes made by many designers. Some of the styles include ANKH shapes, flowers, hearts, suns, and religious images, such as crosses and the Virgin Mary. Some of the designers include BVLGARI, Tiffany & Co., John Hardy, and Giovanni Balestra & Figli.

Lengths of necklace chains sold on eBay

Most necklace chains are between 16 and 22 inches, although they can be as long as 30 inches. Generally, men's necklace lengths are at least 18 inches because men's necks are often slightly thicker than women's. A 16-inch chain on a woman will rest right around the clavicle bones, as will an 18-inch chain on a man. From there, a 24-inch chain will rest a few inches above the heart on most people, and a 30-inch chain will rest at about where the heart is on most wearers. Shorter chains might be available for children.