4 cent figuras históricas estampillas de Estados Unidos

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4-Cent Historical Figures of United States Stamps

There is an almost endless variety of vintage stamps for those interested in them, ranging from nature, buildings, people, or American inventions. You may want only American or vintage stamps, or you may choose to search for entire collections of all types. You can also select the 4-cent historical figures of United States stamps, which are also available.

Is a 4-cent stamp difficult to find?

The 4-cent U.S. postage stamps are not one of the most difficult types to find. There are some factors, however, that make a particular 4-cent stamp hard to find:

  • Year printed: There has been a wide range of postal rates over the years. If your stamp was printed in a year that not as many were printed, it will be rarer than a year where they were printed in abundance.
  • Historical figures: Certain historical figures will be rarer than others. This also depends on how many of these were printed at the time.
  • Cancelled or not: A stamp that has been on an envelope and went through the postal office is called canceled. A stamp that has not been canceled is generally rarer than one that is.
How do you decide which postage stamps to collect?

Your interests will determine which kinds of stamps you choose to collect. There are several categories of vintage stamps to choose from:

  • Specific topics: These could be historical figures such as George Washington, birds, religious figures, flags, or any category you feel is interesting.
  • Type: There are several types of vintage postage stamps to collect such as coils, special services, and air mail.
  • Year issued: In most years, numerous prints were made of the same denomination. You may search for the year you were born or the year a specific series was issued, for example. Vintage stamps are of more historical significance.
  • Printed cost: The price of postage has fluctuated significantly over the years, leading to many different printed costs. For instance, you may decide you only want to collect a U.S. stamp with a printed cost of two cents, ten cents, or four cents.
  • Country: There is plenty of variety in American postage, but you may also be interested in postage from other countries.
Which historical figures are featured on the 4-cent stamps?

The 4-cent stamp was originally introduced in 1883. The postal rate dropped in 1885 and did not increase to four cents again until 1958. Some of the common American historical figures on these old postal stamps are listed here:

  • George Washington
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas Jackson