Chic Smartphones in Clean Colors

The age of the smartphone is certainly upon us, with many people choosing the multifunctional style of phone as their preferred method of communication and entertainment. When youre in the market for a new smartphone, it can be hard to find the right one to suit your needs, so a careful consideration of the leading brands and important features is key. For those who dont need a lot of space, you might prefer something smaller like a 4 GB RAM phone, and there are types both old and new available. Many tech brands make smartphones including Apple, Samsung, HTC, and Nokia, so there are plenty of different styles to choose from and for a simple looking phone, you might prefer something classic and white in color.

What Features Are Important in a Phone for You?

Choosing the right smartphone means matching one to your needs, whether its predominantly for media viewing or just to keep in contact with friends and family. Here are some features you might want to consider when choosing yours:

  • Camera: Both front and rear facing cameras are available in varying megapixels.
  • Display: Smartphones come with touchscreens and have different display specifications depending on how you might like to use the device.
  • Size: Smartphones vary in size but usually have a larger screen size that helps you use their functions more easily and view media.
  • Functions: Additional features available including wireless charging, editing software, and potential for larger external storage capacity.
  • System: Various operating systems include Android and iOS.
  • SIM: Different sizes of SIM card may work with these devices, including micro and dual SIM capabilities.

What Brands and Models Are Available in 4 GB?

There are both locked and unlocked white smartphones available in the 4 GB size for various network providers, with unlocked ones usable by any of them. These are some of the brands that offer these devices and which models might suit.

  • Apple: The first-generation iPhones were 4 GB, and these are still available but mainly as collectors items.
  • ASUS: The ASUS Zen Fone 4 is an affordable option for a 4 GB phone in white.
  • Samsung: A number of Samsung phones including the Pocket, Ace Plus, and J1 Duos come in this size and color.
  • HTC: The HTC U11 and Desire 10 are just some of their smaller capacity devices.

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