4x6in. Speaker Car Speakers and Speaker Systems

Tweak Your Ride With 4x6 Speakers

Incorporating 4x6 speakers into your ride is an easy, enjoyable way to customize your overall in-ride audio experience. After reading about these key features and benefits, link your speakers to multi-channel music or an in-ride theater system. These speakers are available on eBay for various affordable prices.

What is RMS, and what range should you get?

RMS stands for Root Mean Square. It is the nominal, or average, amount of power a potential speaker can handle under normal circumstances. Large speakers have larger voice coils that can handle more power. Smaller speakers are typically engineered to handle less power, having smaller voice coils. In general, your speakers RMS rating should equal your amplifiers RMS rating. If you intend to add 4x6 speakers to your rides standard tuner, consult your owners manual for specs. If you intend to install your own tuner or amp, make sure the RMS ratings agree. The ranges of RMS ratings for 4x6 speakers include

  • Less than 250 watts
  • 250 to 500 watts
  • 500 to 750 watts
  • 750 to 1,000 watts
Can you get brands like Boss and Orion?

Yes, you can. The abundant inventory on eBay includes gently used and new-in-box (NIB) 4x6 speakers from a wide array of domestic and international manufacturers. A handful of the available manufacturers are:

  • Kenwood - This is a Japanese corporation specializing in car radios and speakers.
  • American Bass - This is a domestic brand that combines well-made products with savings.
  • Pioneer - This is a sound equipment legend renowned for professional quality and durability.
  • JBL - This is an American electronics company loved by deejays and sound engineers.
  • Sony - This is the powerhouse Japanese multinational conglomerate celebrated for quality audio hardware.
What exactly are component speakers?

Component speakers are a type of two-way speaker that combines two drivers for optimal sound quality. Drivers are the transducers that help convert electrical energy into the sound waves that ultimately become the sounds you hear. Component speakers contain a mid-bass driver and a tweeter driver to handle bass/tenor/alto and soprano frequencies, respectively. Other types of 4x6 speakers worth considering include:

  • Full-range speakers containing drivers for low, mid, and high frequencies
  • Woofer speakers designed to produce bass
  • Mid-range speakers for warm, cello/viola ranges of tones
  • Tweeter speakers to round out harmonies with crisp, clarion soprano tones
Where do you install 4x6 speakers in cars?

Install your new speakers where your old ones are. In most vehicles, your 4x6 speakers go into your doors. Rear-door 4x6 speakers are most common, but there are several Jeep models large enough to accommodate 4x6 in-dash speakers. Check your owners manual for placement instructions that are important to know when selecting your next set of speakers.