67 mm Steps Up/Down To Camera Lens Filter Rings & Holders 52 mm To Fit Lens Front

Choosing the Right 52mm to 67mm Camera Lens Filter Rings

When you want to switch up how you take photos, using different lens filters can help you to accomplish that; however, you might notice that some of your filters and lenses arent exactly compatible. Rings and holders can serve as adapters and help you to use accessories that may not be necessarily meant for your specific camera, providing you with more flexibility with accessories.

What Are Some Facts About Lens Filter Rings and Holders?

Whether youre new to photography or you just want to brush up on what you can do with different peripherals, there are a few basic facts to know about these types of equipment.

  • You can use these to adapt lenses and lens filters to the lens your camera is already equipped with.
  • They screw on with ease and allow the lens to adapt to camera peripherals, such as a lens hood, a flash, or other types of specialized parts or pieces of equipment.
  • Using them gives your camera more versatility and flexibility because you can add a wide-angle lens, a hood, different filters that enhance your photos, or a square lens hood as opposed to circular items of this nature.

Which Brands Make These Accessories?

These adapters are created and manufactured by numerous camera and photography supply companies, so make sure to select the right one based on a brand thats compatible with your specific camera model.

  • Tamron creates devices called step-up rings that allow you to adapt your lens to a lens hood, flash, or filter to create more customized photography projects and images.
  • You can also choose a model made by Sensei. These 52mm to 67mm components let you use threaded lenses with threaded filters.
  • Another brand to consider when you want to add a lens hood, filter, or other item to your camera is Tiffen. It makes these types of converters for numerous camera models that come from brands like Minolta and Canon, just to name a few.

How Do You Select the Right Filter Ring or Holder?

Youll want to keep a few factors in mind as you weigh the various brands and types of accessories to ensure you get exactly what you need for the proper fit and usage.

  • You can select by type of ring, as some snap onto your lens while others screw on.
  • These are made of various materials including aluminum, metal, plastic, and even rubber, so choose the material that you feel will work for your specific photography needs.
  • Think about features. Some rings offer a sturdier design and features like impact resistance, so when you drop or bump the peripheral, you wont end up damaging it. Another option is buying in bulk when you know youll be using them frequently, especially when youre a professional photographer.

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