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Protect Your Data with Acronis Backup and Recovery Software

With so many important documents and records being kept on computers, it is important that you take steps to ensure that those records are protected in the event of data loss. Losing important records can be a catastrophic event, whether you are a business or a private individual. By using Acronis backup and recovery software, you can rest assured that your data is secure, and that should something happen, you will be able to restore your protected data.

Why should you back up your data?

Making backups of your records is very important, because the cost of not doing so could be severe and recovery may not be possible. Files that contain important personal information or pictures and videos of loved ones could be lost forever if you can't recover them in any way. There are many ways that your files could be corrupted, stolen, or otherwise inaccessible.

  • Crashes - If your computer crashes, whether from a power failure, lightning strike, or various other causes, there is a chance that any data that is kept on your computer could be corrupted. This could make booting up your computer again and restoring data impossible.
  • Viruses - There are a lot of malicious computer programs out there, from ransomware to trojan horses, which could lock up your computer or hijack it, preventing you from accessing your computer altogether.
  • Hard drive failure - Eventually, with enough use or other mitigating factors such as a head crash, there is a chance that your computer's hard drive could catastrophically fail. Or there may simply be hardware issues. Should this happen, retrieving any data off of the drive would be very difficult and may be impossible or impractical to attempt recovery.
  • Theft - Computers themselves are valuable, and there is always the risk that the computer itself may become a target of theft making recovery extremely difficult.
How often should you make backups?

This largely depends on how often there are changes to your files. If the files remain unchanged, there is no reason to create an additional backup. On the other hand, if you make regular changes, such as to work-related documents like payroll, taxes, or other such documents, then daily or weekly backups using Acronis software should be made in order to protect all of the changes that are being made. You can also choose to perform image backups only or back up individual files.

What formats are the software available in?

You can choose to get backup software from Acronis in any one of three different formats: CD, DVD, or digital download. If you want to have a hard copy, or don't want to deal with having to download the necessary files from the internet, then a CD or DVD version would be a great choice. When picking a disc version, make sure that you have a device that is capable of reading that format. If your disc drive isn't able to read DVDs, then the DVD version wouldn't work very well for you.

The digital download is also available for your convenience. The benefits of using an instant download from Acronis include not having to wait for a disc to be delivered to you, but being able to get the benefits of the software immediately. You also don't have to worry about not having a drive that can properly read the data. There are different versions available for users of different operating systems, so that both Windows and Mac users can have access to the software for restoring your computer.