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How To Shop For a Car Audio Equalizer

Everyone enjoys a good ride in their car. The cruise becomes even better when you have music playing in tune with it. What happens though when the music sounds like someone really needs to clear their throat? You'll agree with me that it can make your whole driving experience horrible. If this is what you're experiencing, then you know it's time to upgrade your sound quality. To do this you'll need to either get a digital Sound Processor or an equalizer. Let's focus more on the equalizer.

What does a sound audio equalizer do for me?

It's important to understand what a good car stereo will do for you. This will help you know what to look for when shopping around for one. Having said that, ensure that it does the following for you:

  • Cuts down all the unwanted impertinent noise
  • Keeps your car sounding natural and well balanced
  • Offers you a variety of tone adjustments to help

For this to work, missing frequencies will be boosted, while those that are overdone will be faded. Before you buy your system, ensure you check for the following functions:

Is the EQ compatible with my car?

While some audio equalizers are meant for the dashboard, others are meant for the rear end of your car. It all really depends on the available space and set-up of your car. It's therefore important to check that your choice is compatible with what your car provides.

Is it easy to use?

Choose an EQ that requires basic knowledge to operate. At that, check that it comes the following specifications:

  • Is It a Graphic or a Parametric Equalizer? Of the two EQ settings available, consider using the graphic, rather than the parametric. This is because the graphic EQ comes with ready bands for each of the channels and some for the subwoofer, while the parametric requires that you choose a band, then adjust its output level. Some, like the Alpine PXA-H800 come with both options installed
  • Does It Allow Digital Time Correction? In order to achieve the highest sound staging, you'll need to have this feature. It will ensure sound from all your speakers is balanced and that you hear it at the same time.
  • Do I Need One With a Digital Cross Over? Yes, you do, and for the very reason that you will be able to customize your system so you have the very same frequency crossovers you like. The digital high and low pass will facilitate this. An Alpine ERE-G180 is one example that features a 2-way active crossover

How good is the quality?

Check that your choice of audio system is of great quality to ensure you get it for the long run. Again, you'll find that most Alpine stereos are made to last if you compare them to most available ones in the market.

Will I lose my factory control?

With the right system, you can safely upgrade your sound quality without having to worry about any implications on other functions like your steering wheel control or your dashboard. Other features that your car may have come with like a DVD Video capability, Bluetooth Wireless Technology, Navigation or Auxiliary inputs also shouldn't be affected. Most Alpine equalizers are featured to incorporate this effect.

Will it suit my style?

While it may not seem as an important factor to everyone, every one of your car accessories defines your style in some way. That said, ensure all your car accessories complement your style; your sound system included.

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