Ammunition Belts and Bandoliers for Rifle Ammo

Ammunition Belts and Bandoliers for Rifle Ammo

Ammunition belts and bandoliers for rifle ammo make it easy for hunters and shooters to hold onto all of their ammo. In these designs, shotgun shells and rifle bullets are slipped into tiny, individual loops that hold each piece of ammunition. This allows people to carry around ammunition hands free and access it quickly when needed.

Is there a difference between belts and bandoliers?

Both of these items can be used to hold extra ammo, but they have a slightly different shape and purpose. Bandoliers are meant to be slung over the shoulder and around the chest. A bandolier frequently holds more cartridges because the object is longer than a normal belt and the extra weight does not constrain movement or pull down pants.

Where can you place an ammunition belt?

The placement for an ammo holder will depend on its design. Manufacturers create ammo belts to wear in these three places:

  • On your belt: Some pouch designs are created to slip onto a traditional belt. These designs let you wear your normal accessories while also getting more rifle ammo. Some are clip-on designs while others require you to thread your belt through the holder.
  • Around your waist: These designs have the ammo holders sewn into the belt itself. You can wear it wrapped around your pants waist like a typical belt.
  • Around your rifle: These designs fit over the stock of the gun itself. The position will keep the ammo holder from interfering with your shooting yet it will still be close enough to easily reload. It typically holds a smaller amount than a longer holder.
What colors do ammunition belts come in?

Holders for ammo typically come in neutral colors. This helps to keep deer or other prey from spotting the hunters in the forest. When shopping for ammo holders, you will find that these are the most common colors for ammo belts:

  • Brown
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Green
  • Camouflage
What materials are rifle belts made of?

There are many different materials used for rifle and shotgun belts, including the following options:

  • Natural fabrics: Some thicker natural fabrics like canvas and denim are strong while still creating a holder that fits comfortably.
  • Synthetic fabrics: Synthetic materials dry quickly, do not change shape when wet, and can withstand harsh temperatures.
  • Leather: Leather is common for designs that clip around the waist or fit over the stock of a rifle. This material is made from tanned animal skin, so it is thick yet flexible.
  • Rubber: Stretchy rubber is frequently used to create the loops that the cartridges slip into.