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A Phone on Your Wrist: Android Smartwatches

No one wants to miss a call, a text, or a social media post. With an affordable Android smartwatch, all of your communications are always at hand. Most Android smartwatches also include browsing, GPS, and some health and exercise applications to really make them tiny computers you wear on your wrist!

What can Android Smartwatches Do?

Android smartwatches basically mirror notifications and information from your phone, meaning you can set your phone aside and get all your updates directly on your wrist. Android smartwatches let you send texts, make calls, receive notifications, track your workouts and fitness goals, and even make payments through NFC. They're stylish companions to your smartphone that always keep you connected to what's important.

What Brands Make Android Smartwatches?

Most major brand names in mobile phones and many well-known fashion brands in watches offer Android smartwatches. Here are a few you may recognize.

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Fossil
  • Motorola
  • Garmin

Things to Consider When Buying an Android Smartwatch

When comparing smartwatch specifications, consider battery life, storage capacity, and materials. Long battery life and easy charging will ensure that you can use your watch at all times. Make sure storage capacity is sufficient to support all of the applications you'll want to use. When searching eBay for a new or used Android smartwatch, look for high-end materials like stainless steel and leather if you're interested in appearance. Plastic and rubber may be a better choice if your smartwatch needs to be rugged or waterproof.

Buy a Certified Refurbished Samsung Smartwatch

While you have a choice between new and used Samsung smartwatches when shopping on eBay, you also have a third option: Certified Refurbished. Certified Refurbished items are items renewed and sold by eBay-approved sellers. Each of these smartwatches come with a like-new guarantee (including accessories, instruction manuals, and packaging), a free return and replacement policy (within 30 days of receiving the item), and a two-year hassle-free warranty. We also regularly monitor our sellers to ensure they're meeting our stringent quality control metrics, ensuring buyers know they're only getting the best.

Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by brands listed above.