QA: Dog Fancy Magazine 

For canine enthusiasts, back issues of the magazine Dog Fancy offer unique perspectives on trends in dog health and training. Several issues highlight a particular breed with information on standards and health tips. Some Dog Fancy back issues also include another publication on the flip side called Natural Dog.

What is the first issue of Dog Fancy magazine?

This magazine premiered in 1970 as a monthly publication to a worldwide audience. This continued through 2014 when the company that owned the magazine, I-5 Publishing, stopped producing Dog Fancy. This publication was in circulation for a total of 44 years.

Can you find information on traveling with your pet?

In the June 2009 issue, which features a cover image of a black-and-white Cocker Spaniel, there is an article that addresses successfully planning summer vacation travel with your pet. Some tips covered in the feature include camping with your pet, road trips with your pet, and how to travel on a budget. Also included in this issue are tips on having a successful Take Your Pet to Work Day as well as reviews on the top dog parks in the United States.

What celebrities have been on the cover of Dog Fancy?

One of the most notable covers including a celebrity and her pets was the 40th-anniversary issue when Martha Stewart and her canine companions, a Chow-Chow and two French bulldogs, were featured on the cover of the August 2010 issue. This was the first time in its history to have a person was featured on the cover rather than an animal. Will Ferrell, star of the movie "Anchorman," was also featured on the cover of the January 2014 issue. In the cover shot, he holds Baxter. Baxter was also in the movie "Anchorman" as Will Ferrell's character, Ron Burgundy's beloved pet and companion.

Can you find recipes for treats in the magazine?

There is a recipe for a treat called Golden Woofs Salmon Carrot Oat Bones in the Winter/February edition. This particular edition also features articles about Hollywood trainers and dental problems with correction by orthodontic braces. This edition was the 45th-anniversary issue and features a Chihuahua on the cover. It was also the final edition of the magazine. Another edition, the November 2010 which features a flip side with Natural Dog, also shares healthy recipes for you and your pet. This edition features a cover image of a golden Shiba Inu, a Japanese dog that has a smiling demeanor.