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Ann Taylor LOFT Sweaters for Women

Among the many choices available in women's wear, sweaters that are appropriate for the office, as well as other occasions, have become a staple. The knits can include fashion-forward asymmetrical offerings, classic cardigans, and crewnecks.

What sizes are Ann Taylor sweaters available in?

Ann Taylor LOFT makes stylish clothes for women of many shapes and sizes. Although maternity sizes are not available, most sizes are covered whether you are tall or petite or broad or narrow. Sizes range from XXS to XXL. Petite versions are available in many styles. For example, the sleeves on a petite XL are a bit shorter than on a regular XL.

What materials are Ann Taylor LOFT sweaters made out of?

Ann Taylor LOFT knits are made out of a wide range of materials. These include natural fibers like cotton, wool, and silk. Sometimes, sweaters are made of yarns that include both a natural fiber and a synthetic acrylic fiber.

  • Natural fibers: There are some naturally occurring fibers that are able to breathe and often drape well. The most common natural fibers used in Ann Taylor knits are wool and cotton. Some of these knits use blends of fibers like wool and silk, or wool and alpaca. Cotton-rayon and cotton-polyester blends are also commonly found in this line.
  • Synthetic fibers: Ann Taylor LOFT also uses synthetic materials in their construction of sweaters. Acrylic fibers are much lighter in weight than most natural fibers. That is one reason they are so often used in these sweaters. Cotton-polyester and wool-acrylic blends dry more quickly and are easier to clean than all-cotton or all-wool garments. They are often used for wardrobe styles such as cardigans.
What sweater styles does Ann Taylor LOFT offer?

LOFT makes a wide range of sweaters. This brand also makes knitwear for every season, from sleeveless summer knits to bulky winter pullovers.

  • Lightweight: A sweater for layering in mild weather. Lightweight silk, acrylic and cotton knits are available. There are long- and short-sleeved styles available to choose from.
  • Heavyweight: When it is cold outside, bundling up is an option with the help of the designers at Ann Taylor. There are plenty of pullovers with some heft for women who live in colder climates.
  • Sets: The classic sweater set is an office uniform for many women. Ann Taylor LOFT's sets are both warm and lightweight. They are available in different prints as well as classic colors such as pink, blue, and black.
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