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Even Beginners Get Great Results With Artists' Tempera Paint

Artists have used egg tempera paint for centuries to create some of the greatest pieces of art in the world. This semi-opaque water-soluble medium has withstood the test of time. Artists' tempera paint makes a suitable medium for artists of any skill level due to its water-soluble nature, meaning that solvents and other additives are not needed to achieve beautiful results. Many oil painters will find a paint gallon of this to be a good alternative for this reason.

Advantages and drawbacks of artists’ tempera paint

Prepared surfaces using gesso on a wood board are ideal for the application of tempera. Because tempera tends to be thinner in consistency than some other mediums like oil paint, it works best when applied in thin layers. For this reason, it may be difficult to achieve the deep coloration that oil paint has. However, tempera is very long-lasting and the colors stay vibrant over time. This gives it excellent archival properties when compared to oil paint, which tends to deteriorate with age. Another benefit of tempera is how rapidly it dries. Quick dry time can be advantageous to artists who want to work fast and produce multiple paintings. When using oil or other mediums, slower dry time can be a disadvantage.

A Long history of use

Until around the 15th century, tempera was a popular choice of paint used by artists. Oil paint started becoming a favored medium during the Renaissance Era and tempera painting saw a decline. However, it never truly disappeared, and great works of art, including Andrew Wyeth's famous "Christina's World," have used tempera in modern times. Because it has good archival qualities and requires little preparation, it is likely that tempera will always have a use among artists.

Modern tempera painting

Traditional tempera paint used egg yolk for a binder. While many companies still adhere to this formulation, some modern binders do not include egg yolk. Common emulsions include linseed oil, casein glue, and gum. Tempera has a matte finish, but it is generally sealed with varnish and will have a glossy oil paint look to it when it is finished. Modern artists still widely used tempera for its quick-drying nature and long-lasting archival qualities.

Washable tempera is an excellent medium for both beginning and professional artists alike. You will find it can be used to create great artwork and it may just become your favorite medium for painting if you keep a spare paint gallon on hand.

As an alternative to tempera, you might give powder paint a try if you want to use an air-powered spray gun to paint metals that include bicycles and household appliances. Be sure to purchase the appropriate amount to meet your needs and select a few options for colors to be sure you get the right match.