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BOB Travel System Strollers

BOB Travel Systems are designed to offer parents a stroller that can be used for children of different ages. The BOB jogging stroller is made with suspension systems and tires that will pivot. A BOB Travel System is ready to use when your child is an infant and can continue to be used for them for several more years.

What comes with a BOB Travel System stroller?

A BOB jogging stroller can be bought with an infant carrier that can be used as a car seat, too. The car seat is fairly straightforward to install in the car and also rests in the stroller. What this means is you can transport your sleeping baby from the car seat to the jogging stroller without waking the baby up. The infant car seat also allows you to pick your baby up and carry him or her in the carrier. Carriers can be used in grocery carts and allow the baby to stay asleep. When the baby outgrows the infant carrier, the BOB stroller is designed so that it can still fit your child for a few more years.

What's the weight capacity for the BOB Motion Travel System?

The stroller and the infant carrier in the BOB systems have different weight capacities. The infant car seat has an average weight capacity of 30 pounds, which should allow it to be used for the first years of a child's life. The jogger can be used for longer, even after a child has reached more than 30 pounds.

What infant car seats are compatible with BOB Travel Systems?

A BOB System includes a stroller and infant carrier that can be used together. If you have a BOB Motion stroller from a previous kid but need a new infant carrier, you can purchase one separately. Almost all major car seat carriers can be used with BOB products. However, you will need to purchase BOB's Click 'n Go adapter to make sure the infant carrier fits properly.

If you have a Britax infant carrier and a BOB jogging stroller, the two pieces should work together. BOB systems are owned by Britax, a major baby equipment manufacturer.

How do you store a BOB Motion Travel System?

BOB Motion Travel products are airport-friendly and easy to store. The BOB strollers can be closed with one hand, and they fold down almost completely flat. The infant carrier installs into a vehicle with a few clicks and sits inside the stroller when it is time to travel.

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