Get Maximum Protection and Prolonged Usage With Cell Phone Battery Cases

The battery life of smartphones has increased over the years, but there might still be occasions where you find yourself with a depleted battery at the end of the day. Battery cases for Samsung Galaxy S5 phones can extend the time between charges so you do not have to borrow or find a charger. With the large number of phone cases available on eBay, you can easily find one to suit your style.

What Are the Benefits of a Cell Phone Battery Case?

Few feelings are worse than looking down at your smartphone only to see the battery is almost dead. A battery case is one of the best ways to avoid this dreaded feeling, and it comes with the added benefit of protecting your phone against drops. Because they are often bulkier than other types of cases, these models generally offer better protection than slim and folio cases.

What Features Should I Look for in a Battery Case?

  • mAh Capacity: A mAh battery comes with a specific capacity, which is a good indicator of how much it can extend the life of your phone between charges. For example, a 2,800 mAh battery case may double the battery life of a Samsung Galaxy S5, which comes with a 2800 mAh Li-ion battery.
  • Design: The more mAh specified, the bulkier the case is, so be sure to consider this factor. This type of case may increase the volume and weight of your phone by up to 200 percent. Some models combine a bumper case with a removable battery component for extra versatility.
  • Charging Methods: Most of the battery cases for Galaxy S5 phones can be recharged via micro USB, but you need to determine whether the model you choose offers pass-through charging. If it doesnt, you need to take the case off in order to charge your phone.

How Much Protection Do I Need for My Phone?

If you want a battery case that can survive a drop, look for a touch case with integrated battery. These are often built with a combination of hard polycarbonate and silicone to absorb shocks. Folio cases with incorporated battery also exist, and they can be more pocket-friendly while offering decent all-around protection. Many of them have a sleep-wake function so your phone comes to life automatically when you open the case.

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