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Maintain Cleaning Efficiency With Replacement Dirt Devil Vacuum Belts

Vacuum belts are one of the essential parts in a vacuum cleaner system. The belt provides the connection between the same electric motor that powers the suction system and the cylindrical agitator brushes for efficient use of power. This elegant design allows the brushes to kick up the dust on the carpet or floor to allow the vacuum to suck it up into the dust bag.

How Do I Replace a Vacuum Belt?

  • Remove Brush Plate: Unscrew the vacuum cleaner brush plate that protects the brush and helps hold it in place. Common hand tools like Allen wrenches and Phillips head screwdrivers are all you need. Set the plate aside.
  • Remove Agitator Brush: The vacuum cleaner brush roller should be exposed after the plate is removed. The roller is secured by a slot at each end of the brush enclosure in which the protrusions from each end of the brush push into. Remove the brush by sliding it out of the slots.
  • Replace Belt: The new belt should be tighter than the old one, so ensure that the vac is on top of a sturdy bench when doing the installation. Loop the new Dirt Devil belt around the electric vacuum motor shaft and wrap the other end around the brush spindle. Slot the non-belted end of the brush into the enclosure first, and then pull the other end of the brush into its corresponding slot.

What Types of Vacuum Belts Are Available?

  • Round: These tube-shaped parts are the oldest types in use in vac models as of 2018. They rely on elastic tension to stay correctly positioned to effectively transfer power to the vacuum roller brush.
  • Flat: This is the most common type. They have more surface area due to their flat design and are efficient and slip resistant.
  • Cogged: These have teeth on one side that fit snugly into the sprockets of the vacuum motor shaft and brush roller.
  • V-Belt: These parts are specially shaped with tapers toward the inner side. Matching grooves on the brush and the motor shaft allow it to stay in place.

What Are Common Causes of Vacuum Belt Failure?

  • Normal Wear: A vacuum that has been used for years will always need a belt replacement. Belts can wear out over time and permanently stretch, causing inefficiency in cleaning.
  • Wrong or Improper Belt: Always consult your vacuum service manual to determine what type of belt to buy before proceeding with the repair. Installing an incompatible belt will lead to damaged brush and motor shafts.
  • Obstruction of the Brush Roller: The brush roller is made of plastic, so it is susceptible to friction damage. A stuck brush roller will prematurely wear out even a good Dirt Devil belt.

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