Switch Up Your Style with Black Braided Wigs and Hairpieces

To get a cute braided style without having to sit at a stylist's for hours or grow your hair to your waist, wear a black braid wig. This fun style lets you instantly transform your look and make it seem like you have elaborately braided hair. To browse through different black braided wigs and hairpieces, check out eBay.

Features to look for in black braided wigs

When you are trying to find the right wig, you may want to consider wigs with one or more of these features.

  • Lace front: A lace front has a sheer lace base that allows for a very natural looking appearance along the parts and hairlines.
  • Baby hairs: This type of wig has fine, curling hairs along the front hairline.
  • 360 closures: The circular headband shape of 360 braided wigs lets you put the wig up in a ponytail or wear it down.
  • Combs: Wigs with combs attached along the interior sit very securely in place.
  • Washable: If you plan on wearing the wig regularly, you may want to pick one with washable fibers.
Are there differences between wig materials?

The type of hair a wig is made from will affect the look, feel, and versatility of the wig. Here are some of the key things to know about common wig material types.

  • Remy hair: Remy wig hair is human hair that has been carefully arranged to ensure that all of the hair cuticles flow in the same direction. This gives a very shiny appearance.
  • Yaki hair: Yaki hair is hair that has been processed to look like chemically relaxed African hair. It can be mostly straight or have a curlier texture. It can be human or synthetic.
  • Virgin hair: Virgin hair is human hair that has not been chemically processed or dyed.
  • Kanekalon: This is a type of synthetic fiber that can be washed and heat-styled.
  • Polyester: Any texture in this synthetic fiber will not fall out when exposed to heat or moisture.
Braid styles to pick from when shopping for wigs

Black braid wigs come in a huge variety of styles, including:

  • Cornrows: These are braids that lie flat against the scalp.
  • Micro braids: These tiny braids are just a few millimeters in width.
  • Twists: A twisted style results in long, rounded braids.
  • Dutch Braids: Dutch braid wigs tend to have two braids that run flat against the scalp and hang down in the back.