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Boat Decals

Decals for a boat are a great way to customize your boat. Whether youre at a pier or on the high seas, its important for the decals to express your personality. Plenty of artwork is available to decorate the hull.

How are boat decals applied?

Most decals are easily applied. Be sure to clean and dry the spot on the boat. From there, carefully remove the backing from one side of the decal, and line it up where you want it to go. Then, slowly remove the backing and press the decal onto the boat. Depending on the decal, there may be unique installations. Some manufacturers may also provide instructions or a video to show the application process.

What are some of the different boat decals and graphics?

There are a lot of boat graphics available for your boat. Whether you want them on the port side or starboard side, you have plenty of options.

  • Pinstriping: Add horizontal stripes to the hull of the boat.
  • Graphics: Add fun graphics, ranging from flowers to surfboards.
  • Wrap: Have the entire hull of the boat wrapped to express a particular design.
  • Custom design: You can have the name of the boat or another custom look created.
How are boat decals removed?

Whether you decide you want to update the decals or you bought a boat and want to remove the existing graphics, its important to know how to remove the decals. The options used to remove decals will often depend on the size of the decal and how long it has been there. You might also have to employ more than one method for getting boat decals off. Possible methods include:

  • Scraping
  • Adhesive remover
  • Professional removal
What features should be explored when buying boat decals?

You want to make sure your boat looks great. Vinyl and plastic decals will help to add some personality. Before you buy just any boat decals, its important to look at a few details. It will ensure that you get just what you need for your boat.

  • Type of decal: Look to see if youre buying individual letters, designs, or a custom decal.
  • Size: Review how large the decal is. Larger boats will often benefit from larger boat graphics.
  • Colors: Choose colors that go well with the rest of your boats decor.
  • Installation process: Look to see how the decals go on and how easy it is for you to apply them.