Pintura de barco y mantenimiento

Boat Paint and Maintenance

Boat owners need to take the time to brush a little paint on their boat annually. Painting a coat of primer and high-quality paint ensures that you wont have to repair the surface every year. There are many considerations that you need to make before buying any spray paint or painting the surface of your marine craft.

Why is it important to paint your boat?

Painting your marine craft with marine paint will keep it from the weathering elements that wear it down. As a result, it is necessary to paint your boat yearly. Painted areas of a boat are usually stronger and more resistant to other types of damage, such as UV rays.

What ingredients help marine paint work?

Marine paint uses a coating of anti-fouling ingredients to ensure that your painted boat remains tough. For example, many types of anti-fouling brands use copper compounds to protect boats from the touch of barnacles and other elements. These compounds are designed to prevent the growth of organisms by making it impossible for them to touch the bare wood of the boat.

These types of paints are also called hard bottom paints. They use a coat of biocides to keep organisms off of your boat. These items are typically smooth to the touch and easy to apply on your own. Using this type of paint on a boat is preferable to normal house paint or other commercial types of paint.

What maintenance procedures are necessary for this kind of paint?

High-quality marine paint needs occasional touch-up procedures to ensure that it is safe. For example, you can blend a variety of paints and apply them after a primer to create a marine texture that looks great on your boat. You can also use bottom paint, such as Awlgrip, to protect the marine environment of your boat.

Which kinds of paint products are available?

For those who want bottom paint that will protect their boat, there are many options. For example, Awlgrip and Interlux produce a variety of items that help keep your boat safe. Awlgrip has created items like a heat gun for adding shrink wrap to your paint. This process provides your boat with a well-protected paint job. Besides paint and heat guns, Awlgrip also makes brushes.

Interlux and similar manufacturers create decal and stripe kits that you can use on your boat. Interlux products like this let you design a fun exterior without having to spend all day working on your boat.