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Boat Seating

Boat seating products are practical accessories for boaters who need increased comfort during casual or sporting adventures. Many seat options are available, so you can easily upgrade a vessel so that the comfort solutions suit your specific boating needs. These seats have measurements that can fit contemporary and vintage boats.

What seat designs are available?
  • Bass: Boat seats with Bass design elements have plush padding that boosts comfort during long boating situations. Bass boat seats are usually built with a two-tone fabric that blends well with the design scheme on a casual or sports boat.
  • Folding: If you need a product that wont take up a lot of space, a folding boat seat is worth considering. Folding seats also have thick, plush padding, and this material is attached to a special folding mechanism.
  • Back to back: When a boat needs enough seating for multiple passengers, a back-to-back seat is an ideal option. This seat is designed with two seating zones, and the sleek design fits strategically on a typical boat with vintage or contemporary features.
  • Pontoon: Pontoon seats are also sleek, as theyre designed with stylish patterns that cover comfortable padding. These seats are practical options for a casual boat.
  • Fishing: If your boat is mainly used for fishing trips, a fishing boat seat can be beneficial. This seat is built on a tall shaft that gives a boater an advantage and a higher vantage-point during fishing.
What features does boat seating have?

Sporting boat seats are built with practical swivel components, and swivel hardware is also available for boat seats that lack a built-in swivel mechanism. Swivel hardware is usually coated with a special component that prevents weather damage. Most swivel designers coat the metal hardware with zinc because this solution effectively prevents rusting in saltwater environments. Swivel products can provide benefits during fishing because:

  • The swiveling mechanism helps strategic fishermen increase leverage when reeling.
  • The swiveling mechanism rotates easily during tactical boating.
  • Fishermen can pinpoint and target practical spots by rotating the swiveling mechanism.
Are pedestal accessories for tactical boaters available?

Many pedestal products that can increase the height of a boat seat are available, and these accessories give boaters a tactical advantage during strategic boating maneuvers. Boat pedestal gadgets are typically designed with power-rise components that help boaters make adjustments effectively and efficiently. A typical pedestal is 12.5 inches tall and is designed with a mounting pin.