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Boat Storage

Boat storage options range from items that protect your outboard motor and accessories. You can also find options to cover your entire boat while it is in storage. These accessories are produced by several different manufacturers, including 3M, Amarine Made, Attwood, and Rola to name a few.

What types of boat storage accessories are available?

A few of the most common types of boat storage items include:

  • Outboard motor carriers: These devices are used to carry outboard motors from one place to another. They consist of a frame that is mounted on wheels. The frame is designed to hug the contours of an outboard motor, and the wheels allow you to push the outboard motor from your vehicle to the jetty and back. Additionally, these devices can be used to safely store outboard motors. Outboard motor carriers are usually made from wood or metal.
  • Bimini top life jacket bags: If your boat has a Bimini top or a T-top, these bags can be attached to your roof to provide extra life jacket storage. These bags are tied directly to your roof, and usually contain space for up to six life jackets. These bags are usually made of plastic mesh.
  • Cabin organizers: These devices are similar to the desk organizers that you may have at home. Cabin organizers are designed to clip on to surfaces in the cockpit or cabin of your boat, and are equipped with multiple compartments for pens, tools, sunscreen, or other small objects. Some cabin organizers are transparent while others are made of opaque white plastic.
  • Cargo netting: Cargo netting is a traditional storage tool that has been used in maritime applications for centuries. This simple black netting can be slung across vertical surfaces in your vessel to provide extra storage for life jackets, life preservers, or fishing equipment.
  • Mini waterproof cases: These small storage tools are used to keep valuable items like wallets, phones, or keys dry while at sea. These cases are usually equipped with a carabiner.
How do you attach a dinghy to your boat?

You can install a small boat carrier at the back of your vessel. Small boat carriers consist of an adjustable sling that is wrapped around your secondary boat. The sling is then tightened to keep the boat snugly in place. These types of storage tools are compatible with zodiacs, dinghies, canoes, kayaks, or other small boats.

How do you cover your boat for storage purposes?

Marine shrink wrap is a tool that can be used to protect your boat while it is in storage. This type of storage device usually consists of a roll of plastic material that is wrapped around the upper half of your marine vessel. Then, heat is applied to shrink the material so that it hugs the contours of the boat. This type of storage material is usually white.