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Timeless and Vintage Timepieces: Bucherer Wristwatches

When you're looking for a timeless and classic piece of wristwear, Bucherer wristwatches strive to provide vintage charm in a piece of Swiss luxury. These wristwatches are designed to be classic and timeless through their unique features and displays, making each model a good option for an elegant look.

When did Bucherer start making wristwatches?

Carl F. Bucherer, a Swiss watch company, is based in Lucerne, Switzerland. Since 1919, Bucherer has been creating vintage wristwatches for men and women that combine classic style with new technology. Bucherer began with Art Deco ladies' watches in 1888 and grew into their now recognized ladies and men's wristwatches. Carl F. Bucherer wristwatches can be recognized by their unique and distinctive features and their indicators and displays. Since 2014, Bucherer wristwatches have added protection against counterfeiting to their wristwatches with special laser technology.

What features do Bucherer Wristwatches include?

Bucherer wristwatches have a variety of innovative and distinguishable features including chronograph, flyback, tachymeter, and tourbillon functions. In addition, there are the watch's indicators and displays, such as the big date and day display, power reserve, the 24-hour display, moon phases, three time zones, the calendar, and the perpetual calendar. Carl F. Bucherer also has its own in-house watch movements that can be seen in many Bucherer wristwatch models. The CFB A1000 caliber movement is made of tungsten and has the first reliably functioning, peripherally mounted rotor. The CFB A2000 manufacture movement has the same signature winding mechanism as the A1000 but is enhanced from a 3hz to a 4-Hz beat rate. Bucherer wristwatches may also feature CFB A2050 caliber movements or CFB 1970 caliber.

What models are Bucherer wristwatches available in?

Bucherer Wristwatches are available in seven different models: Heritage, Manero, Patravi, Adamavi, Pathos, Alacria, and Novelties. Each model has it's own distinct appearance and combination of Bucherer features to make them each unique and appealing to many different styles and tastes. The Heritage collection is designed in the classic, traditional style of Bucherer watches from their original manufacturer in Lucerne while the Patravi collection takes that traditional watchmaking and combines it with new technology and innovative designs. While varying in style, the watches may also vary in shape with the availability of round and square cases, bands or bracelets, and different colors and materials.

Patravi ChronoGrade Bucherer Wristwatches Khaki Field Hamilton watch Moonwatch Omega Watches
Movement Automatic Automatic Automatic
Bracelet/Band Bracelet Band Band
Case Size 44.6 mm 42 mm 44.25 mm
Material 18K Rose Gold Titanium Black ceramic
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