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California King Headboards

Bedroom furnishings such as headboards for the bed create a finished look for a bedroom. The California king headboards are often designed to coordinate with the footboards and side pieces for a streamlined aesthetic. There are many styles of California king headboards for bedroom furniture to choose from when updating the look of your personal space.

What materials are California king headboards made from?
  • Fabric: California king headboards may be made of fabric such as leather or faux leather. An upholstered headboard may be made with microfiber, linen, suede, polyester, cotton, or canvas material. The upholstered headboards are usually tufted or quilted in order to keep the upholstered filling from settling. The quilting may be topped with decorative buttons on the upholstered headboard.
  • Metal: Carbonized steel, brass, pewter, or brushed nickel are types of metals that are often used to make a California king headboard.
  • Wood: Wood is often used for a traditional style of California king headboard. Woods commonly used to make the panels of this type of bedroom furniture include pine, oak, maple, ebony, cherry, mahogany, and fruitwood. The wood may be white, natural, or stained and varnished.
What are the features of California king headboards?
  • Upholstered: Upholstered or tufted linen, leather, or polyester fabric offers some cushioning for the back of your head if you sit up in bed to read or relax. The upholstered or tufted white linen or leather material is spread over a solid panel or frame and attached with functional or aesthetic nailheads, snaps, or other fasteners.
  • Adjustable: Headboards offer an adjustable angle and height to accommodate the space in your bedroom and your personal comfort level.
  • Patterns or designs: The upholstered headboard may have shapes made with the nailheads or buttons through the tufted material or leather. If the furniture is made of metallic materials, it may have scrolls, swirls, or other shapes formed from the metal. Furniture made of solid wood panels may have hand-carved designs and other decorative finishes.
How do you attach headboards to the bed frame?

It is important to attach the headboard to a sturdy bed frame in order to keep the furniture in place. The frame of the bed typically has points of attachment that can be matched up with those on the headboard. Center the headboard's legs with the bed frame's legs. At least two mounting brackets on each piece must be aligned in order for the pieces to be securely fastened together. Slide a washer onto the steel bolt that is sized for use with the headboard. Slide the bolt through the bracket in the head board's leg. Screw it through the bed frame's leg. Attach a nut to the end of the bolt and screw it until it is finger-tight. Repeat this through at least three more brackets. Use a wrench to tighten the nuts after you have visually inspected that the headboard is centered on the frame of the bed.