Cell Phone Camera for iPhone 6 Plus

The cameras on your iPhone 6 Plus help you capture moments on your iOS smartphone. When you need to find a replacement for your Apple iPhone camera, there are different options available. Here are some questions that may come up when choosing a replacement cellphone camera for iPhone 6 Plus phones.

How do you select camera lenses for these phones?

Here are some tips for making a selection.

  • Choose a color. You can choose from dual-camera kits that are already attached to a new Apple iPhone display. In most cases, select a color that matches your existing phone.
  • Select a lens. You can choose a front-facing or a rear-facing camera lens module. The size and shape of each lens on iPhone 6 phones are different.
  • Choose a compatible model. While the 6 Plus and 6s Plus may look similar, the cameras used are different for each iPhone model.
  • Some camera kits will also include additional sensors, such as the proximity light sensor. They may also have low-light capabilities, optical zoom, dual-lens, and other components. Connecting the camera to Wi-Fi is also an option with your iPhone device. It can be helpful to know if any additional components that work with the camera unit also need to be replaced prior to selecting an iPhone kit.
What types of iPhone 6 Plus camera lenses are available?

The iPhone 6 Plus has two camera units for taking photos. Here are some tips for each of these cameras.

  • Front-facing unit. This features a 1.2 MP camera that is used with the FaceTime app and for taking pictures of yourself. It utilizes an LED flash and has a series of sensors that allows your smartphone to focus and zoom like a point-and-shoot device.
  • The rear-facing lens has an 8MP lens. It can take a burst of images so that you can select the best image. It can also capture HDR photos and record 1080p high-definition video at 60 fps. Some of these kits include a wide-angle lens.
What should you look for when selecting a camera?

Here are some of the options it helps to consider when you’re making a selection for your iPhone.

  • Lens options. There are very few aftermarket options available. Original equipment manufacturer lenses are made by Apple and designed to be compatible with your iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Image quality. The rear-facing camera unit can capture images and video from a distance, such as when you’re taking landscape photos or videos. The front-facing camera unit is useful for close-up images.
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