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Candle Lanterns

Candle lanterns are enclosed candle holders that may either be freestanding or hanging with the help of a stand or affixed to a structure with a hook. They are available in a wide variety of materials and styles but usually consist of glass panes framed in wood or metal. Candle lanterns are used to add a sense of warmth and style to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Can you use candle lanterns in place of lighting fixtures?

Candle lanterns may be added anywhere you would like the additional illumination. Different types of lanterns will emit a different amount of light. If you want more light, choose a lantern with clear glass panes and minimal framework. A battery-operated candle is a good choice if you wish to control the brightness. You can achieve a more romantic or rustic lighting scheme with a lantern that has panes of frosted or bubble glass or even a lantern with no glass at all.

How can candle lanterns be used indoors?
  • Hang them from the ceiling using ceiling hooks for a quick and easy fixture addition.
  • Place them on a dining table as part of a centerpiece. Change decorations around the candle lantern to coordinate with seasons and special events.
  • Place them on a mantle either singly or in different styles and sizes for contrast. Place smaller candle holders around the candle lantern for more brightness.
How can candle lanterns be used outdoors?

When considering outdoor candle use, it is necessary to take into account the weather and the setting. Dry weather is preferred as excessive moisture could rust hinges or cause wooden framing to warp. If the ground is at all damp and you wish to set a lantern at foot level, put down stepping stones, pavers, or any other appropriate barrier between the ground and the lantern to prevent it from getting wet. You may set lanterns out to mark walking paths or to create a sense of intrigue among ground-level plants and shrubberies. Lanterns hung from tree branches create an enchanting and rustic effect as well. If you wish to hang lanterns outside without the use of a tree or bush, you can buy hooks that are staked in the ground. Candle lanterns placed outdoors next to doorsteps are rustic and welcoming.

What is a Moroccan lantern?

Moroccan lanterns have a distinct look and can be incorporated into many styles of decor. They are usually statement pieces as they are elaborate and eye-catching. They emit less light and create a dramatic and moody lighting effect. Some Moroccan-style lanterns feature geometrical elements to the framework like hexagonal or three-dimensional star patterns. Panes may be glass but are often made of metal with several small perforations.