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Canon 100mm Camera Lenses

Getting Up Close and Personal with the Canon 100mm Macro Lens

You love the finer details in life, and your photography is no different. Maybe it is time to add a Canon 100mm macro lens to your kit. eBay offers a large catalog of 100mm macro lenses that will fit your Canon camera.

What are the features of the Canon 100mm macro lens?

Macro lenses are more than just pieces of equipment. They open up a whole new world to photographers. The Canon 100mm macro lens offers several benefits.

  • Image stabilization: Macro photography is largely dependent on holding the camera still while taking the shot. Canon macro lenses are built with an image stabilization feature to eliminate blurring due to shaking and vibrations.
  • Ultrasonic motor: If you are using your Canon 100mm macro lens for nature photography, an ultrasonic motor is a must. This design eliminates noise that can scare away that beautiful butterfly.
  • Magnification: Having a 1:1 magnification on your 100mm macro lens means that the image comes out true to life.
  • Weather sealed: Canon lenses are sealed against the elements, such as dust and rain that can ruin much more than your photos.
How do you use a 100mm macro lens?

The Canon 100mm macro lens is a prime lens. This means that it does not have a way to zoom the lens. Instead, you move the camera closer to or further from your subject. The main benefit of using a prime lens is that the image quality is better. The 100mm macro lens by Canon has a minimum focus distance of 12 inches and an aperture range of f/2.8 to f/32.

Will the Canon 100mm macro lens work with my camera?

Before you purchase a Canon 100mm macro lens, you should verify that the lens will work with your Canon camera based on the type of sensor in your camera. Canon DSLR cameras have two types of sensors: APS-C and full frame. Once you know the type of sensor, you have you can choose a Canon 100mm macro lens that will fit your DSLR camera. Look for these designations when browsing the eBay catalog of Canon 100mm macro lenses. See the manufacturer site for details and specific camera model/lens compatibility.

  • EF mount: The EF mount works with Canon DSLR cameras that have APS-C sensors. These are often referred to as "pro-sumer" or "bridge cameras."
  • EF-S mount: If you have a full frame professional-level Canon DSLR, choose a Canon lens that has the EF-S designation.
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