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Canon Camera Lenses

Canon Camera Lenses

Canon camera lenses provide you with the ability to take many different types of photos from landscapes to portraits to street photographs. Whether youre a beginner or professional photographer, Canon DSLR lenses provide you with the tools necessary to capture important moments and create lasting memories. Canon digital cameras offer a range of lens types, from fisheye lenses to telephoto lenses.

Why is an image-stabilizer necessary?

If youve ever been interested in photography, youve likely heard of a feature known as image stabilization. Although this feature is oftentimes included in the camera itself, some Canon EOS lenses are also outfitted with an image stabilizer, which helps with several different types of photography and can assist you in capturing an image exactly how you pictured it in your mind.

This system utilizes a range of electromagnets as a means of moving internal glass elements. This reduces the blurring that naturally occurs with the motion of the camera that the lens is attached to. The movements of your camera can be particularly troublesome with slower shutter speeds or with lenses that have long focal lengths. With the inclusion of this feature, the blur created by these movements is heavily reduced to provide a stabilized image with a clearer resolution.

What are the different types of Canon lenses?

There is a large variety of types to select from, each of which is particularly adept at taking certain types of photos. Some of the lens types are:

  • Fisheye: This special form of ultra-wide-angle lens allows you to capture photos with curved outer corners that create a distorted and spherical look at the world.
  • Image stabilization: This type of lens by Canon helps to reduce blur and make images sharper.
  • Macro: When you wish to take an extremely closeup picture of an object, macro lenses allow you to do so.
  • Teleconverter: A teleconverter is a type of lens that is placed between a camera and your existing lens in order to provide an additional amount of zoom.
  • Telephoto: Telephoto lenses, like the EF 70-200mm, provide a longer focal length than normal, making for a narrower field of view and an image thats magnified.
  • Wide angle: A wide-angle model is one that extends from at least 35 millimeters wide although options exist for ultra-wide angles of 24 millimeters or greater.
  • Zoom lens: This type offers a range of different focal lengths to make it easier to zoom in on an object.
What types of pictures can a wide-angle lens capture?

If youre thinking of selecting a wide-angle lens by Canon, you may be wondering what types of pictures you can take. Although these lenses allow for the capture of all types of images, they are mostly tuned towards photographing large scenes, such as landscapes, or smaller scenes where space is an issue. These lenses can also be used when photographing a person from a close perspective, offering a unique look at the subject of the photo.