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Perfect Your Photography Projects with Canon FD 24mm Focal Camera Lenses

When you're perfecting your photography craft, you will start to need different kinds of lenses for different shots. The wide-angle 24mm lens can capture gorgeous landscape photos or wide city shots. You can purchase new or refurbished Canon FD 24mm focal camera lenses from eBay, which are available at various affordable prices.

What are the features of this Canon FD 24mm lens?

The lens is made mostly from metal, except for the aperture ring. There are six aperture blades. The aperture rings are sized f/22 down to f/2.8, and the smooth focusing ring turns 90 degrees.

What does the f/2.8 mean with this 24mm lens?

This lens is often described as a Canon FD 24mm 2.8. This means the angle widens all the way to 24mm, and the amount of light the lens lets in is a ratio of 1:2.8. This ratio translates to the aperture length over the focal length. A small f-stop number means the lens is letting a lot of light in, while a large f-stop number, such as f/16 or f/24, means the lens is letting very little light in.

What is the difference between used and refurbished lenses?

A used or refurbished Canon 24mm lens purchased on eBay will often be cheaper than a new lens as it has seen some use. However, a used lens can still function just as nicely as a new one. Here are the differences between the two:

  • Refurbished: Buying a refurbished 24mm lens on eBay means the product has been returned to the factory and fixed up so that it works just like a new lens. A refurbished lens may have been used as a demo or it may have been slightly damaged and then returned. With slightly damaged items, the factory then fixes the damages and “refurbishes” the item.
  • Used: A used Canon 24mm lens means the product has been used for a certain period of time. The key difference between used and refurbished items is that used items have not been refurbished.

As long as you make sure that a used product is still in good condition, buying a used or refurbished camera lens can land you a great deal.

What size filters should you use with this lens?

You can get filters that match the lens size exactly, or you can simply buy one batch of large filters and then purchase a step-up ring. In this way, you just need one set of filters for all your Canon lenses instead of individual filters for every camera lens you purchase.

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