Keep Yourself and Others Safe With Car Parking Sensors

Car parking sensors alert you when you are too close to fences, walls, or high curbs. They will also notify you if a small child or animal runs behind your vehicle while youu001are reversing. You can find a range of affordable parking sensors available on eBay.

What are some features of backup parking sensors?

In general, parking sensor kits have sensing ranges of 0.3 meters to 2 meters. This means they will alert you if you are reversing and fail to notice obstructions within that range. Most sensors are configured to run off the 12V socket thatu001as already in your car. They have LED display screens that alert you with different lights, sounds, or pictures. Most sensors work in temperature ranges between -13 and 167 degrees Fahrenheit. Check the manufacturer's website for details on a particular model that you're considering.

How do parking sensors work?

New and pre-owned parking sensor kits include a number of sensors that you attach to the outside rear-bumper area of your car or your rearview mirror. These sensors are connected to the main control box inside your car. They detect obstacles and obstructions and relay that information to the control box. The control box then sends an alert to the LED panel, which is typically positioned somewhere near the dashboard. You will hear an audible alarm, and lights will flash to let you know that there is something behind your car.

What are the benefits of owning a parking sensor?

Safety for yourself and for those in the vicinity of your vehicle is the biggest benefit of using parking sensors. It is often difficult to see around certain blind spots when trying to reverse, park, or otherwise maneuver your car. Sometimes using rearview mirrors and side mirrors or simply looking behind you is not enough. Pets and small children can quickly move into your path without your knowing that they are there. These back-up sensors can see where you cannot, giving you extra assurance that your path is clear. Inexpensive car parking sensors also let you:

  • Parallel park with ease
  • Know if people approach your car from behind
  • Avoid dangerous objects that could damage your car
  • Avoid hitting small animals and pets
  • Avoid hitting vehicles that may be passing behind you
Do backup sensor kits require installation?

There is some installation involved with these sensors, but you can easily and quickly complete it yourself. Some sensors can easily be mounted on your bumper with a strong double-sided tape. Once you attach the sensors to the control box and the alert panel, you can start using your parking sensors. Each parking sensor may have a slightly different installation procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions for details.