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Car & Truck Pedals & Pads

Update your vehicle with new pedals and brake pads. Having the right parts makes for a smoother drive. And making sure your brake pads are changed regularly will keep you safe as well.

How do you choose the right brake pads?

If you are buying your own brake pads, its important to gain as much as knowledge about the part as you can. You want to make sure you have the ideal fit for your vehicle to ensure safety. You also want to make sure you do not have to replace them more often than necessary.

Consider your typical driving habits and what kind of wear and tear to be prepared for because you can choose between organic, semi-metallic, fully metallic, and ceramic brake pad materials. For regular driving, semi-metallic materials cover most types of terrain and accommodates the typical driver. If you regularly do any heavy pulling or any other heavy-duty tasks, higher-end pads, such as ceramic or fully metallic, are a much better option.

How do you change car pedals?

To change your pedals, follow these simple steps. You can use any pedal set of your choice but make sure the pedals are designed to fit the make and model of your car.

  • Reach behind the pedal and take off the existing cover by pulling the rubber up and over the metal plate underneath.
  • Use a degreaser to thoroughly clean the metal plate.
  • Place your new pedals on the bare metal plates, making sure they are securely fastened.
How do you clean your car pedals?

Follow these simple steps to clean your car or truck pedals. You can use an all-purpose cleaner or cleaners specifically made for cleaning the interior of vehicles. This is something you can do while cleaning the rest of the interior of your car.

  • Put a towel down underneath and behind the pedals to absorb runoff or dripping any particles.
  • Use a cleaner with a detailing brush to scrub out and remove embedded dirt and any particles.
  • Wash any remaining soap and dirt with clean water.
  • Use a towel to wipe off any remaining residue.
How do you know when to change your brake pads?

Look for wear by viewing your brake pads through the spaces between the wheel spokes. The outside pad will be resting up against a metal rotor. The pad is still good if you can see 1/4 inch of brake pad. If there is less than 1/4 inch of pad, you know your car is ready for brake pad replacement.