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Pedals and Pads for Mercedes-Benz

Pedal pads for Mercedes-Benz cars are made so that the driver can maintain a good grip on the pedals of the vehicle. When accelerating, braking, or shifting gears without pedal covers, the foot can easily slip from the pedal, creating a hazardous situation.

How many pedal covers does the Mercedes-Benz need?

The amount of pads needed depends on the transmission of the Mercedes. Mercedes with automatic transmission require two pedal covers, for the throttle and brake. Manual transmission vehicles require three covers, including one each for the throttle, brake, and clutch pedals.

What materials are Mercedes-Benz pedal pads made from?

Pedal covers can be made from different materials, including:

  • Metals (alloy, aluminum)
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
When should you replace Mercedes-Benz pedal pads?

Pressing all the time on the brake pedal and other pedals of the Mercedes-Benz may mean you eventually need to replace these parts. When the traction is not good enough and the foot starts slipping, it is a good idea to change your pedal covers. If the covers are made out of rubber, youll know its time to replace them when the stripes have worn down and the surface becomes smooth.

How do you change Mercedes-Benz pedal covers?

You can do the replacement of the pedal covers of your Mercedes-Benz yourself:

  • Take off your existing pedal covers. Most will require you to simply loosen the rubber that holds them to the pedal. Or you may need to loosen a few screws.
  • Clean the pedals well to remove any dirt or residue before putting on the new ones.
  • The new pair should have screws, brackets, and/or an adhesive piece. Place the adhesive piece between the pads and the pedals when you have placed all the bolts in place. Screw the brackets tightly towards the back of the pedal. Make sure you tighten the brackets well. Press and hold so that the adhesive piece sticks the pedal and cover together.
Are there different pedal cover sizes for the Mercedes-Benz?

There are model-specific pedal covers for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class series as well as universal pedal covers. Model-specific covers fit the pedals ideally. Universal models fit the pedals on the majority of cars.

How do you use universal pedal covers for the Mercedes-Benz?

Universal pedal covers are made to fit the majority of car pedal sizes. They have multiple holes so that the bolts going through them are sure to match the holes on the pedals. Move the covers around to see which holes fit best with your pedal and its hardware.