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Shocks and Struts for Mercedes-Benz

Shocks, struts, springs, and related parts are crucial components of your vehicles suspension system. They give your Mercedes car or truck a smooth ride when tires face obstacles such as potholes or rough roads, and the suspension affects how your vehicle handles when braking or turning. Bad suspension parts can adversely affect tires and become a safety issue if you neglect them.

What is a strut assembly and what are its components?

A strut assembly is a pre-packaged set that includes everything needed to repair and replace struts and affix them to the suspension on your vehicle. Strut assemblies are usually sold and installed in pairs. Each strut assembly has a spring coil for additional support and is mounted to the chassis of your vehicle. These packages make it simple to repair and replace vehicle struts. Packages can include:

  • Strut
  • Bumpstock or boot
  • Spring and springseat
  • Upper and lower spring isolators
  • Bearing plate
Are shocks and struts the same part?

Although these terms are often used interchangeably, as the parts perform similar jobs, shocks and struts cannot be substituted for one another. Struts are part of your cars suspension system, and they play a vital role in maintaining your vehicles height, steering, and alignment angles. Shocks also absorb oscillation and bounce, help make your ride smooth, and keep your tires in contact with the pavement. Each tire will have either shocks or struts near it but not both.

How Do You Know If Shocks and Struts are Bad?

Your Mercedes-Benz car or truck will show definite signs when the shocks or struts in your suspension start to fail. One of the most frequent indications occurs when you are braking. If the front of your vehicle dives, you need to check your shocks and struts. Another indicator can arise when you are turning. If your car dips deeply during turns, it is probably time for replacement to avoid excessive tire wear.

How Often Do You Replace Mercedes-Benz Shocks and Struts?

Mercedes-Benz manufacturer’s manuals do not list a specific mileage for replacement of shocks, struts, springs, and related assemblies. Recommendations call for inspection of those components beginning at 40,000 miles. Most technicians advise that shocks and struts will wear out between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. If you perform regular preventive maintenance on your car, worn suspension assemblies will be spotted before they become a safety problem.