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Sun Visors for Saturn

Sun visors for the Saturn come in several styles; each is made out of different materials depending on the particular vehicle. Cleaning your visors regularly can help them to stay functional. With a wide selection of sun visors for your Saturn, you can find something for your particular model and style.

What styles of sun visors are there?

Sun visors come in a variety of different styles. The ones installed at the front of the vehicle flip down and left to right or right to left in order to block sun from coming through the windshield. The driver’s visor is the mirror image of the passenger’s visor to suit the opposite angles. There is also a painted sun visor in the middle of the top of the windshield, typically made from small, painted or stenciled black dots. This covers the space in between the visors so that sun cannot blind the driver from any angle.

Additionally, removable visors can be found for Saturns. These are typically separate sheets of material that fold up accordion style when they are not being used. When the vehicle is parked in a sunny location, the visor can be opened and placed shiny side out in the windshield to keep the interior of the car from getting hot. Maintaining a reasonable temperature inside makes it more conducive to starting the car and driving comfortably. These visors come in all sorts of different colors and patterns. Some include logos, pictures, or prints to suit the owner’s aesthetic taste.

What materials are sun visors made from?

The stationary sun visors inside the car are typically made from the same material as the car’s upholstery. Sometimes this means that visors are made from hard, durable plastic, fabric, or covered with leather. There is typically also a component in stationary visors that is made from glass and covered with a small flap that either flips down or slides open. Expandable, removable visors are typically made from fabric or textiles. Some are synthetic blends. Typically one side is shiny to keep sun out of the car.

How do you clean a sun visor?

These parts can be wiped down with a damp, soft cloth if they are made from plastic or leather. Portable sun visors can also be cleaned this way. Use a vacuum attachment to clean fabric sun visors. If the reflective portion of the stationary sun visor develops hard water spots, you can clean it with either a glass cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and water. Simply apply to the reflective portion and wipe clean.