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Facts You Should Know About Waterproof Car GPS Units

Whether you're heading out for an off-roading trip or just going for a drive in the convertible, there's a chance that it could rain, meaning that an ideal piece of technology for your exposed cabin is a waterproof GPS unit. There are a wide range of these units available for your vehicle on eBay.

What kinds of waterproof GPS units for cars are there?

There are two major styles of waterproof GPS, each with distinct pros and cons. You may find some unique waterproof GPS units on eBay that do not directly fall into these two styles, but the majority of GPS units will. The two main styles are:

  • Touchscreen-based versions - These models are meant to be used on motorcycles, but can easily be used in cars. These work via touch, allowing you to type in destinations or navigate around maps with a simple press or swipe.
  • Voice-activated versions - These GPS units are meant to be integrated with the center console of your vehicle. Usually, these can be controlled by smartphones via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.
What are some key features of waterproof GPS units?

All GPS units share the same general features, but waterproof GPS units have a few key features that set them apart. Some of those unique features include:

  • Enhanced durability - Since waterproof GPS models for cars and motorcycles are meant to be used outside, they're meant to take a beating. This means that they're tougher than your typical GPS unit, able to withstand the bumps and jolts you may experience when off-roading.
  • Special touchscreens - In some touchscreen-based waterproof GPS units, you're able to navigate on the screen using gloved hands. This is because the navigation systems were built with motorcyclists in mind, who need gloves for proper support on the road.
  • Built-in Bluetooth capabilities - Many newer waterproof navigation systems have a built-in Bluetooth connection that allows your phone to easily pair, making navigation much smoother and simpler.
How do you use a waterproof GPS unit?

Using a waterproof GPS unit requires a few quick steps. The first step you should take prior to ordering a unit is to double-check that the model is compatible with your vehicle. Next, make sure your GPS unit is properly wired to the car. You can ensure the wires are properly placed by consulting your car's user manual and the GPS unit's user manual. At this point, you can power on the navigation system. Finally, input your destination and allow the system to calibrate the optimal route.