Case Vintage Folding Knives

Case Collectible Vintage Folding Knives

In the world of collectible knives, Case offers a range of quality folding knives. The product is made of a variety of materials, and the handle and blade can easily distinguish a Case pocket knife. No matter what the model, this brand of knife represents both heritage and tradition.

What is special about Case knives?

Case knives were originally created in 1889. A band of brothers with the last name of Case began selling their knives on a wagon trail. Since they have been around for so long, Case knives are known for being passed down as family heirlooms. They are also useful. The company specializes in fixed blades and sporting knife varieties that can be used for most practical purposes.

What are some handle materials of Case folding knives?

Case knives are made of a variety of materials. One of their distinguishing features is the handle. Here are some materials that Case uses to make the handles of its knives:

  • Bone: Usually a shin bone from Brazilian cattle
  • Antler: Naturally dropped deer and stag antlers
  • Plastic: Hard and synthetic, can be a variety of colors
  • Wood: Ebony, oak, rosewood, maple, zebra, lace, tulip, and snake are some examples
How should you choose handle materials for your Case knives?

Each handle material has its own benefits. Here are some things to consider when selecting Case knives:

  • Practical materials like plastic are more useful for hunting and tactical purposes.
  • Weight should be considered if the customer plans on actually carrying the knife. Plastic and wood materials are usually lighter in weight and are good for a pocket knife.
  • Bone materials are usually long-lasting and extremely durable.
  • More elite materials, such as ivory or ebony, can make for meaningful heirlooms and gifts.
How should you choose the blade for your pocket knife?

The blade of a knife is considered to be extremely important. There are many sizes and types of knife blades. Here are some things to consider when choosing blades for Case knives:

  • Function: Clip blades are common for daily use, wharncliffe for sewing, the filet blade for cooking, and the electricians blade for screwdriver and wire scraping functions
  • Number of blades: As few as one blade or as many as five are available
  • Size of blade: Depends greatly on the size of the task at hand
What materials are Case knives made from?

All Case knives are made from steel. However, there are several types of steel possibilities that may be used. Here are some of the common ones:

  • Chrome vanadium is an alloy known for easy resharpening.
  • Stainless steelblends allow the blade to hold an edge.
  • ATS-34 is an alloy known for retention and hardness.
  • Damascus steel is ancient and known for utilizing layers to create the form.
  • 154-CM is an American-made alloy known for sharpness.
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