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Cavalier men's magazine is an American men's magazine that was first published in 1952. In its original format, the men's monthly periodical featured novelettes and novel excerpts but has since evolved into a Playboy-style format. The “Deadbone” comic strip by American cartoonist and illustrator Vaughn Bode, and the Stephen King short story “Battleground” were both published in this magazine.

What kind of content was featured in Cavalier Magazine?

First published in 1952, Cavalier Magazine originally focused on up and coming literature, featuring a wide variety of authors of the time. Over the years, it transformed into a more Playboy-style publication to cater to the interests of its readers. Primarily a men's magazine, Cavalier's content included many subjects, such as hunting, automobiles, men around the world, and, in earlier issues, World War II.

As time went on, the magazine began to feature a \"Woman of the Month\" in its shift to becoming a more Playboy-like publication. Even so, it still featured a variety of talented individuals, including artists, writers, singers, and many more. As it made its way into the '80s and '90s, the magazine decided to focus solely on women and sexual content to cater to its audience's evolving preferences.

Who has contributed to the men's magazine?

Cavalier Magazine has seen many artists contribute content to its pages. A handful of these include:

  • Authors: Jimmy Breslin, Henry Kuttner, Clyde Beatty, Stanley P. Friedman, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Robert Coover, Leonard Feather, Bruce Jay Friedman, Richard Gehman, Nat Hentoff, John Clellon Holmes, William Bradford Huie, Garson Kanin, Stephen King, Paul Krassner, John D. MacDonald, Alberto Moravia, Thomas Pynchon, Robert Shelton, and Isaac Bashevis
  • Singers: Theodore Sturgeon, William Tenn, and Colin Wilson
  • Comic creators: Vaughn Bode, Art Spiegelman, Robert Crumb, and Jay Lynch
  • Illustrators/painters: Norman Baer, Andy Warhol, and Robert McGinnis
How do you clean vintage men's magazines?
  • Gently wipe the front and back cover of the magazine with a tea towel.
  • Use your finger nail or a razor blade to carefully remove debris stuck-on the magazine.
  • Remove cover stains or page stains by gently dabbing, not wiping, the stain with a paper towel dipped in a small amount of bleach.
How do you preserve vintage magazines?
  • Repair bent or folded magazine pages and covers by straightening the page and placing it under a stack of heavy books and leave for a day or more, depending on the severity of the fold.
  • Put the magazine in a clear plastic dust jacket.
  • Store the magazines in a plastic or leather box in a cool and dry area.
  • Do not store vintage magazines in a cardboard box because they’re more easily penetrable by insects, which could bite through your collectibles.