Pantalla de celular: pantallas LCD piezas para iPhone 6s Plus

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LCD Screen Replacements for Your Smartphone

When you own an iPhone 6 Plus, breaking the touchscreen is one of the fears you might have considering the high replacement costs. Prevention is better than cure so you can get a glass screen protector for your phone. It helps to prevent some of these dreadful situations.

Where do I take my iPhone for a screen replacement?

A phone technician can fix the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, and the iPhone 7 for a fee. The latest models always attract the highest charges. To avoid high repair charges, you can buy the screen and take it to the technician for replacement.

You can save more than half the cost when you replace the broken screen by yourself. Take proper caution because it is a sensitive process. A little slip up might end up damaging other parts of the phone.

You can easily find inexpensive replacement parts for Apple iPhone devices. A replacement kit that contains a pentalobe screwdriver, spudger, and suction cup is one DIY solution. It has everything that you need to unlock the pentalobe screws, pry open the case and remove the screen by suction.

What else is in the replacement kit?

Apart from the DIY tools, a complete replacement kit comes packed with three main components; the LCD, the digitizer, and an attached flex cable.

  • LCD - LCD stands for liquid crystal display. It is the main display unit of the phone. It works in the same way that a computer monitor would do.
  • Digitizer - In quite simple terms, this is the glass that covers the LCD. Every time you swipe, tap or press the smartphone screen, the digitizer converts the action into a digital signal that the phone can read.
  • Flex cable - The flex cable connects the digitizer to the phone and it is the one responsible for sending the signals to your phone.

Do I need to buy the complete kit every time?

You can just buy replacements for the broken parts. The flex cable is quite fragile. Always buy the digitizer together with the flex cable anytime you need to replace it. The thin layer of glue usually connects the digitizer and the LCD, making this another sensitive area. Keep the following tips in mind when planning for touchscreen replacements.

  • You don't really need to worry about opening up the phone when it's past the warranty period. It is actually the most economical option that you will find.
  • The iPhone has sensitive parts that could get damaged upon opening. A bad replacement procedure can lead to other issues with the front-facing camera or even the motherboard.

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