How to Choose a Cell Phone Camera Lens System for Your Apple iPhone 6 Plus

If you rely on your iPhone for photography, you may be wondering if there's a way to enhance your output. While phones have excellent technology for photo taking, they're limited regarding the types of photos they can take clearly. With add-on cameras lenses for your phone, you open up the possibility for even more creativity in your photography.

What are the types of iPhone camera lenses?

While different brands will have their own set of offerings, the cell phone camera lens for iPhone 6 Plus phones have four main types of add-on lenses.

  • Fisheye: These creative iPhone lenses will give you a spherical image with slightly distorted lines and darker corners; this image distortion can create innovative shots. Make sure to get close to your subject when using fisheye lenses.
  • Macro: These lenses for the iPhone help you capture tiny subjects and small details that aren't clear to the naked eye, whether your subject is a butterfly's wing or a single blade of grass. You'll want to get close to the subject and make sure to hold the iPhone still in order to get focused photos.
  • Telephoto: Telephoto camera lenses allow you to get a closer shot of your subject. They are suitable for capturing portraits, because they make the face look more natural than the typical smartphone camera.
  • Wide-angle: While the iPhone's camera includes a panorama mode, these lenses allow you to capture more in your image than the standard smartphone camera lens. Wide-angle lenses are ideal for landscape shots.
Can you use iPhone 6 camera lenses with your case?

While some camera lens attachment systems fit easily under many types of smartphone cases, you may want to purchase a matching case from the same lens manufacturer. Some brands offer lenses that attach directly to their cases for optimal function.

What brands make iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus lenses?

Whether you do action, close-up, or portrait photography, there are a number of brands that make iPhone lenses in a range of options to best fit your photography needs.

  • Moment: This company produces custom cases that allow you to directly attach your Moment lenses. Their cases also serve to protect your phone.
  • Olloclip: Olloclip offers a variety of lens kits for all different types of photographers. The Core Lens Set includes fisheye, macro, and super-wide lenses. Their Active kit has an ultra-wide lens and a 2x telephoto lens.
  • SANDMARC: This brand is a suitable option for active and adventure photographers. SANDMARC lenses are designed for capturing motion; they offer close-up, fisheye, and landscape lenses as well.
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