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Cell Phone Cases Covers for ASUS

The best thing about having a cell phone is being able to personalize it with a unique look that matches your personality. There are many useful and colors available. There are many manufactures making cases to fit you Android OS based ASUS ZenFone.

What to Look for in a Cell Phone Case

Smartphones have become the norm for most mobile phone users. After paying for your LTE phone loaded with RAM, you need to protect you ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom (or other ASUS model phone) from everyday wear and tear or the occasional tragic bricking due to water damage.

  • Water Protection - Otterbox is one of the most well known waterproof brands, but other brands also offer water protection for you ASUS Android phone. Armor-X also provides a waterproof, shockproof, and mountable phone case.
  • Screen and Other Damage Protection - Look for brands that offer shockproof protection when you drop the phone and make sure to buy a screen protector to help protect the surface from everyday wear and tear. Speck offers slim-fit protection from damage with a rubberized interior and corners at affordable prices.
  • Doubles as a Wallet - Some case also feature a built-in pocket where you can fit your photo ID and a debit card. This is very helpful if you do not like carrying a full wallet or purse with you. Having a case that acts like multiple accessories is very useful.

What are Some of the Most Fashionable and Colorful Cases Available?

You can also accessorize your phone with many colors, textures, and designs. Sometimes there is a tradeoff between protection and looking cool, but you be the judge. If you tend not to be hard on phones, you can get really creative with branded and unbranded cell-phone cases

  • Color - The colors available are pretty wide open. You will find a lot of solid colors in all different sorts of hues, and some will have a second color trim around the edge. You can also find phone cases that bedazzle you with glitter or plastic gemstones.
  • Texture - You can also look for fancier textures like leather, which give you a better grip than a smooth silicone case. Several brands make cases with a leather feel like Case-Mate, MSK, and Ranz.
  • Designs -You can also find many cases that have designs printed on them whether from brands like MSK and Utoper, or you can get a combination of everything in a leather wallet with 3D bling. Because so many cases that are available are unbranded, it helps for you to also search for the kind of design you want in case the right case for you is not under a standard brand name.

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