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Choosing Straps for Your Cell Phone

Making for a convenient way to carry your cell phones, straps for mobile phones come in different lengths, materials, and designs; most are generic. You can use them across multiple devices from brands like Samsung, and they blend with any type and color of cell phone. You may also find official manufacturer accessories like neck straps and brand marked pouches.

What Are Some Straps for Your Cell Phone?

  • Neck Straps. These may be cloth, string, chain, rubber, and more. They grant a loose fit around your neck. The length normally falls across your chest for easy view and reach of your mobile device. Neck straps are convenient especially for those who do a lot of work with their hands but must stay in quick communication with employers and contacts like suppliers.
  • Pouches with Strap. Encasing your Samsung or other mobile phones in these can add protection from accidental scratches and bumps. Straps in pouches helps for a more secure carry. These may be silk, satin, or shock absorbent materials. Others have detachable wrist straps you can slide your fingers in or clip onto a travel bag. Choose as you prefer.
  • Cell Phone Charm Straps. Mobile phone charms can add style and elegance to your smartphone. Designs vary to meet male and female preferences. Crystals, cartoon characters, letters, and symbols. You can view these accessories and more by searching on eBay.

What Are Other Cell Phone Accessories?

Besides cell phone charms and straps, here are other useful accessories for your smartphone:

  • Earphones. Listen to music and video audio even in noisy outdoor surroundings. Take clear calls at any time with noise cancelling earphones.
  • Spare Batteries and Cases. Stay powered on the go by keeping a spare battery on hand. Keeping it in a case ensure scratch-free and contact-free protection.
  • OTG Flash Drive. OTG flash drives are like attachments that easily connect to your smartphone. Transfer files at any time with ease. Some have an accompanying strap, carabiner, or keyring that allows you to hook the flash drive to your mobile phone strap.

What Are Some Types of Cell Phone Straps and Charms?

  • Squishies. These are soft, miniature toys or stress relievers that attach to your cellphone via a strap.
  • Glitters, Rhinestones, and Gems. These charms add luxury and attractiveness to your cell phone. Stones vary in color and designs.
  • Braided Lanyard Wrist Strap with Dangles. These may have miniature animals or symbols that hang to a ring or lobster clasp.
  • Wide Neck Loops with Comics or Cartoon Designs. These have wide strappings and may have images of cartoon characters or logos printed on them.

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