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Clarion Car Audio and Video Harnesses

Clarion is a Japanese company that makes audio, video, and navigation equipment for cars. Wires are necessary to connect components together electrically for power and signal purposes. This product category features wire harnesses for audio and video equipment that is compatible with the make and model of your vehicle.

What is a wire harness?

The audio and video systems in your car are connected by cables that carry power and signals. These wires are bundled together into a harness by straps, ties, or other means, to secure them from damage. Bundled wires are also easier to handle and route through the body of the car.

A harness consists of three main types of components: wires, binding devices, and connectors. The wires carry electrical power and electronic signals, the binding devices are the straps or ties, and the connectors are the devices that connect the wires to the units of the audio or video system.

In many cases, the connectors are plastic blocks at the ends of the wires. The wires terminate into one side of the connector while on the other side (usually the opposite side) are rows of holes in a pattern called a pin-out. The pin-out arrangement will match the corresponding arrangement of the pins on the unit, completing the electrical circuit between the wires and the unit.

In other cases, especially with power wiring, the connector is a larger pin, which is inserted into a hole of corresponding size and shape on the unit. The connector is larger because power transmission requires larger wiring than signal transmission.

Why do different systems require different harnesses?

Harnesses vary depending on the type of audio or video system being used because different systems use different wire sizes and pin connectors. If the pin connector pattern and type don't match the pattern of pins or jacks on the electronics unit, the unit cannot be connected to the rest of the system. For example, a satellite radio system would have a different pin-out from a standard radio, and this brand's radio wire harnesses vary accordingly.

Different wire sizes may be used depending on the amperage powering the unit.

Items in this parts category will identify their audio or video system compatibility so that the pin connectors will match. However, it is advised that you verify the patterns shown in the product photographs with the complementary pattern on your electronics unit.

Why do different vehicles require different harnesses?

Clarion makes audio and visual systems for many automobile manufacturers, including Saab, Ford, Toyota, and Volkswagen. As these companies produce vehicles in a variety of configurations, cable lengths, and routings can differ between vehicles because of physical layout and electronic system compatibility with systems by this brand.