Perform Tree Climbing in Safety Using Climbing Spikes and Gaffs

Climbers need straps, pads, spurs, and poles for climbing trees or reaching high objects and places. If you are shopping for nwe or used climbing supplies, knowing what types might be available to you, what features they have, and how you can use them may help you find the products to suit your needs.

Can you purchase tree climbing equipment in a bundle?

Some climbing products may be available on eBay as part of a set that includes several supplies. If youd like to purchase a complete set of gear, you should consider looking for a bundle that contains some of the following pieces:

  • Gaff - A gaff may refer to pole you can use to hook objects or a specific type of spike. You may be able to use gaffs to ascend wooden poles without footholds.
  • Belt - A belt or harness might keep you attached securely to the tree in the event that your spurs dont catch.
  • Spurs - These accessories adhere to your footwear.
  • Pads - You may wish to wear pads on your hands, elbows, or knees to protect them from harsh impacts as you climb.
Can you purchase straps in different configurations?

You may be able to find climbing straps in various forms. They should have different features depending on their intended uses. They could include:

  • Regular - This configuration should wrap around your waist and the tree or pole you are climbing. Some belts may also help to secure pads or spikes.
  • Saddle - A saddle configuration may allow you to "sit" in the harness when you are suspended in the air and working on a particular tree.
  • Adjustable - You can configure these items to fit climbers of various sizes. See the manufacturers site for details.
How can you carry your spikes and gaffs?

Many belts, harnesses, or climbing packages offer built-in pockets for storing your items. These pouches may be able to hold a variety of spurs, spikes, and gaffs. You may wish to carry extra spikes with you in the pouches and grab and store handheld gaffs there when you need your hands free.

What materials are available for climbers?

Equipment for climbers is available in a variety of materials depending on the items.

  • Gaffs - Spikes and gaffs are made from steel or other metals.
  • Belts - Climbers usually use belts or harnesses made from leather or synthetic materials.