Comic Book Hero Action Figures

Comic Book Hero Action Figures

Whatever your reason to shop around for action figures may be, you have a vast selection from which to choose, such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Anakin Skywalker, and Spiderman. Whether you prefer products by DC, Marvel, Hasbro, or another company, there is something in the action figure world for everyone.

What is a series?

A series is a group of figures released at the same time that are marketed and packaged together. One example of this is “Marvels Vintage Legends,” which includes 6-inch versions of many of Marvels most famous comic book characters, such as The Punisher, Iron Man, and Captain America.

What does "Wonder Woman: The Amazo Virus" come with?

"Wonder Woman: the Amazo Virus" is a toy in the DC Comics Icons series. This toy comes with accessories such as a lasso, rope, shield, and sword that can be placed in Wonder Womans hands. The product also comes with a backup piece of hands that you can replace the original pair with.

What are some different types of Batmobile toys?

There are several different types of these 4-wheeled toys, which include the following:

  • Wind-up cars: Wind-up cars are toys with wheels you "wind up" by backing up. When you release them, they use that stored energy to drive forward. The more you wind up these toys, the faster and further they go, though most wind-up cars have a limit as to how much they can be winded up.
  • Remote control cars: Many of the Dark Knights rides are driven thanks to a remote control. These are powered through rechargeable or stick batteries placed in the remote and car.
  • Hand-driven cars: Some of Batmans cars are controlled when you simply place your hand on them and move them manually.
  • Race track cars: Many Batman cars were specifically designed to be used with a toy race track. One example of this is the "Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Batman The Dark Knight Batmobile 1:50." Cars like this that are designed for a specific racetrack, in this case the Hot Wheels racetrack, can move thanks to the design and engineering of the course itself.
Which action figures are included in the Arkham Knight series?

DC Collectibles released a line of action figures inspired by the story line and visuals of the eponymous Batman video game. This action figure line features Batmans villain that the game is named after: the Arkham Knight. Packaged with the villain is a small gun that you can attach to his hand. There are also many other action figures in this DC Collectibles Series, such as the following:

  • The Man-Bat
  • Commissioner Gordon
  • Cat-Woman
  • Batman himself!