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Choosing a Laptop or Netbook That is Right for You

Compaq was established in 1982 and quickly became a market leader. The Presario line of computers was then added in 1993 for better mobility and usage on the go. Although laptop designs have changed over time, Compaq Presario has kept up with these changes and innovated to release computers of each different classification.

What is the difference between a laptop and netbook?

Although there are no specific size or weight classes for computers, designers tend to use similar measurements for each of the industry established classifications. Laptops are generally the largest and most durable, followed by notebooks, then netbooks being the smallest and lightest. The size and weight difference between the classifications result in the similar scaling of the other components of a computer. The most notable difference is the change in keyboard size. Some other differences include:

  • Hardware performance: The spacious design of their laptops allows Compaq Presario to offer upgraded RAM and Memory.
  • Optical drives: Laptops normally include some form of CD/DVD drive in their design.
  • Ports: The expanded size of laptops grants Compaq Presario the freedom to include multiple USB ports, as well as other ports like HDMI and full-size SD card ports.
What advantage does each size classification have?

The difference in size leads to advantages that are size dependent, making laptops optimized for performance and netbooks optimized for mobility. Some specific advantages are as follows:

  • Weight: The smaller design of the netbook allows it to be carried in a bag or a backpack for on-the-go access. Netbooks can also be comfortably carried without a carrying bag.
  • System performance: With larger processors, laptops process more data at expedited speeds. This allows for shorter loading times, optimized video and gaming performance, and other performance-based advantages.
What other factors are important to consider?

Hardware and classification are important factors in your decision-making process, but the following factors will help you find the Compaq Presario that best fits your lifestyle:

  • Stock Software: Operating systems and other programs are already installed before leaving the factory, so choosing stock programs you are familiar with may shorten the education needed to use your Compaq Presario.
  • Build: Power cord lengths, screen sizes, and extended keypads vary between different models and classifications of Compaq Presario. Finding the laptop or netbook with the build that fits your lifestyle is important for ease of use.