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Collecting Back Issues of Country Living Magazine

Country Living is a lifestyle magazine that was first introduced in 1978 by the Hearst Corporation. It features recipes, decorating ideas, fashion, and articles on crafts. Now, back issues of Country Living magazine are prized for photos of retro décor, art projects, and for gaining a glimpse into the history and trends of earlier decades.

How many issues of Country Living magazine are available?

Country Living magazine began publication in 1978 and has been in business for over 40 years. The magazine has been published once a month since it began. That means there have been over 490 issues published. This does not include special issues that are seasonal or special holiday issues that are included with a Country Living magazine subscription.

What determines the value of old Country Living magazines?

The demand for back issues of magazines such as Country Living, and thus how many may be available, is determined by several factors. First, the more issues that are available in an unbroken date range, the more valuable the collection will be. The condition is also a major factor in determining the value of any collection. Another factor for determining the value of a collection is what you intend to do with them. You might just use them for craft projects and are only interested in color or patterns. Or you may collect them for their historical value and topic. Some issues that feature a special event or have a certain celebrity in them can sometimes be more in demand. The actual value of an individual issue or collection depends on many factors.

Are Country Living magazines always sold by date?

The way that most magazines are listed and organized is by date and issue. However, they can also be organized according to subject matter and category. You might see some on eBay organized by issues that feature gardening articles and ideas, antiques and collectibles issues, or ones that feature Country Living magazine recipes.

If you only collect magazines that feature a certain category of articles, it is possible to find eBay listings for categorical issues. If, on the other hand, you are only interested in issues of Country Living that feature certain celebrities, you can find that, too. The organizational scheme of a listing depends on the different interests you might have. You can find listings catering to different tastes in collecting, and you will sometimes find them arranged according to specific categories of interest.

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