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Craft Eyelets

The use of eyelets first gained popularity in the mid-1800s when an inventor by the name of W.H. Rodgers invented a machine to place small pieces of rounded metal into holes on stacks of paper to bind them together. This was before the stapler was invented some ten years later. Eyelets are now commonly used in the fabric and craft industries.

Why are eyelets used?

Eyelets are commonly used in fabric and craft items to make sure the holes in the project you are working on won’t tear under pressure when something is threaded through them. Curtains, shoes, and clothing with drawstrings all regularly utilize eyelets to keep the fabric protected when threading laces, strings, and curtain rods through them.

What is the difference between an eyelet and a grommet?

There is a slight difference between eyelets and grommets. Both products provide the same basic function, which is to protect the holes in fabric, leather, and other soft materials from ripping. In the case of hard substances like plastic and metals, it can also protect the rope, cable, or string from fraying on the sharp edges around the inside of the holes. The primary difference between the two is that eyelets are smaller than grommets and are typically used on items like clothing, paper scrapbooks, and other lightweight craft items. Grommets, since they are larger and sturdier, are typically used on heavier materials like heavy cloth used for flags and carbon fiber.

What different styles of eyelet exist?

There are many different styles and colors of eyelet you can choose from to personalize the garments you are making. For example, some eyelets are made to resemble little animals for when you are making craft items for a baby room. Eyelets also come in different colors like gold and brass that will accentuate the drapes in a dining room. Even wood can be used to create eyelets in some materials.

How do you insert eyelets into material?

Inserting eyelets into fabric is a fairly easy procedure. simply cut a small opening just large enough to push the inlet through the fabric and place the bottom half of the eyelet on the other side of the hole. You secure the eyelet by pressing the two sides together using a pair of eyelet pliers. This locks the two pieces of the eyelet together. Anyone who is used to sewing garments or crafting should have little problem performing the procedure.