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Craft Styrofoam Forms

Styrofoam forms are a mainstay of many types of crafts and creative projects. They are typically white in color and have a nubby or textured surface. These white craft supplies are made from polystyrene, the brand name of which is Styrofoam.

What are the shape options for craft Styrofoam forms?
  • Balls - Styrofoam balls come in a range of sizes. The smallest are half an inch in diameter, and the largest are more than 12 inches in diameter. The variety of ball sizes allows you to use Styrofoam balls for multiple applications.
  • Cones - The cone form also has multiple uses. You can hold artificial flowers with these forms, turn them upside down and paint the foam green to look like Christmas trees, or use them as lightweight toys such as bowling pins.
  • Cubes and sheets - White foam craft supplies are also available in a cube or sheet-like configuration. The cube type can be crafted to look like bricks, blocks, or other cube-shaped items. The foam craft rectangles are shaped like stretched-out cubes. These are often used as accessories for other crafts, such as the mats that allow you to do needle felting on a tabletop or in your lap.
What are the features of craft Styrofoam forms?
  • Lightweight - Styrofoam balls and other types of craft foam are lightweight. If you want to use them as decorations, the light weight of each form makes it possible to include many of them in a single craft project, without having to use extra-strength adhesives or specialty fasteners to attach them to your wall or door. This comes in handy with projects such as holiday wreaths or trees.
  • Compatible with multiple adhesives - Styrofoam balls can be used with most common adhesive supplies, such as school glue, rubber cement, and Gorilla glue. If children will be using the forms for crafts, they can use adhesive supplies that are safe for youngsters.
  • Easy to cut - Styrofoam forms are easy to cut into halves or quarters. You can cut the balls and other forms with common kitchen knives, precision cutting craft knives, or other small handheld tools. The density of the forms also allows you to carve designs into them.
How can you use craft Styrofoam forms?

Styrofoam forms are often used for making models. The balls come in a range of sizes, making the supplies useful for models of cells, miniature solar systems, and accessories for model railroads. The lightweight foam balls are also useful for making seasonal decorations. Decorative elements can be attached to the foam balls, making them look like Christmas ornaments, snowmen, or eyeballs. The balls can be painted to look like fruits and vegetables for a decorative display. The foam balls and sheets of foam are also used in felting projects. Their texture makes them useful for needle felting with wool roving.

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