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Keep Your Yard Tidy With Craftsman Lawn Mower Parts and Accessories

Craftsman offers hand tools, power tools, lawn and garden tools, and more. Craftsman lawn mowers and riding tractors may need replacement parts like blades. Keeping your tools in good condition also requires accessories like oil, replacement belts, and even replacement engine parts, all of which you can find new or preowned on eBay.

What Craftsman parts are available?

Craftsman lawn mower parts and accessories offer everything from front-drive wheels to deck-rebuild kits. Commonly replaced parts also include:

  • Blades - On any lawnmower, the blades will eventually need to be replaced. Blades are sized in inches. In addition to length, it is important to know what kind of connector the blades on your Craftsman have. For example, some riding mowers require a blade with a star-shaped hole. Common blades for riding tractors may be 36, 38, 42, and 46 inches in size.
  • Belts - The drive belt is another part that often needs to be replaced on a lawn mower. On riding mowers, these belts tend to be found below the deck. Belts come in standard sizes and may fit more than one version of a mower. These can also be found in deck-rebuild kits for riding mowers.
  • Control cables - The control cable connects to the throttle and makes it possible to start your push lawn mower. Control cables are often between 40 and 60 inches long.
  • Deck deflectors - This is the part of the mower that directs the clippings after they have been shorn by the blades. Typically, these are made of heavy-duty plastic. They are also often included in deck replacement kits for riding mowers.
  • Front-drive wheels - In push mowers, these wheels can take a lot of abuse. If they become chipped or otherwise damaged, its important to find proper replacements.

Which parts will fit a Craftsman model?

Craftsman sells dozens of walk-behind lawn mowers, riding mowers, and lawn tractors. Along with all the earlier Sears lawn mowers, there are several thousand models of these mowers. The model number is the key to finding engine replacement parts or lawn mower add-ons such as snow throwers. Make sure your model number is listed as compatible with any parts you buy.

Where is the identification number located on a Craftsman mower?

The model number is different from the model name, such as GT3000. The identification number is almost always located beneath the seat. Typically, the code consists of three digits, a period, and then six more digits. With this number, its easy to find out whether specific parts will fit by consulting a fit-up chart. The part numbers are also often found on the parts themselves. Each mower model or accessory may have a slightly different procedure for replacement, so refer to the manufacturers instructions and model compatibilities.

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