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Rock a Cool and Steady Beat With DW Drums

Whether youd like to play rock or pop music, a DW drum kit provides the sort of thick shell necessary to generate a full-bodied and satisfying sound. Multiple versions of DWs drum sets are available on eBay, so if youre looking to keep a beat, it pays to be aware of your options. A good condition 6-piece DW collectors drum and an affordable DW Performance 3-piece drum kit are just a couple of your options. 

Whats included in a DW drum kit? 

DW drum kits, though they come in a few different varieties, are basically 5-piece drum sets that include the following things(the term "5-piece" refers only to the number of drums in the set and does not count things like cymbals or hi-hats):  

  • A bass drum, usually about 22 by 17 inches in size
  • A snare drum, usually about 14 inches in diameter
  • Three tom-tom drums, ranging between 10 and 14 inches in diameter
  • Cymbals, hi-hats, and the associated stands for them
  • Kick pedals, drum mics, cowbells, cases, and other miscellaneous equipment

Special design features of DW drums 

Some newer DW drum kit models, like those in the Performance series, feature a shell design called HVX, which emphasizes low to mid-level frequencies. DW drums also feature DWs trademark turret lug, the Quarter Lug. The bass drum, in particular, comes with special low mass die cast claw hooks. 

How DW drums sound 

Some of the following comments should be made on how each of the following parts of a DW drum kit generally sound:  

  • Snare Drum -  The coating of the snare drum is especially thick so that it can withstand heavy hits. The screws also have helpful numbers by them so that you can easily remember which one was the last one that you tightened. Dead center hits are a bit dry because of the dot beneath the heat, but rimshots ring out resoundingly. The thick shell makes it especially suitable for playing rock and pop music.
  • Bass Drum -  The bass drum has lots of low end sounds especially good for funk-style beats.
  • Toms: Once properly tuned, the toms sound thick, rich, and lively with clear pitches and plenty of low-end. The toms all sound clearly and properly distinct from one another.
  • Hi-Hat -  The hi-hats resound very well and emit a powerful sound.
  • Cymbals -  The cymbals sound intense and resound strongly with a well-placed hit.

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