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David Yurman Fine Earrings

Theres a Pair of David Yurman Earrings for Everyone

The designer David Yurman creates beautiful jewelry, and earrings are one of his most beautiful types of pieces. David Yurman earrings have a distinctive style that combines David Yurmans sculpting talents with his wife Sybils background in painting. When you shop on eBay, youll find a whole collection of David Yurman earrings to sort through and find a great piece for your loved ones.

Types of earrings that David Yurman makes

David Yurman makes a few kinds of earrings, including those listed here:

  • Studs: Studs can be with or without stones or pearls.
  • Hoops:The hoop earrings in this collection are most often small to medium in size, and they usually feature engraving or two-tone designs.
  • Drop: This type of earring in this collection is usually only a small drop, and they often feature gems.
What types of materials do David Yurman earrings use?

David Yurman earrings are made with:

  • White gold: White gold is often 14k.
  • Yellow gold: Yellow gold is often 18k.
  • Sterling silver: This is one of the most often-used white metals.
  • Diamonds: Small stones are often incorporated into earrings.
  • Gems and pearls: Pearls and many gems, such as garnet, citrine, peridot, morganite, prasiolite, amethyst, chatelaine, onyx, and many other are often featured in the centers of earrings.
What do the David Yurman hoops look like?

There are a few pairs of hoop earrings, and they often incorporate both yellow gold and one of the white metals. They also often use engraving as decoration, or they can have multiple rings on one hoop. Also, some pairs might have pearls set into the hoops.

What should you consider when buying David Yurman earrings?

When youre buying this type of jewelry, consider the type of backing that you prefer. For instance, some people might prefer the ease of use that comes with French wire earrings, but other people might prefer the stability that studs offer. You should also decide if you have a preferred stone and metal. Some people might choose to have a stone in their favorite color, and other people might decide that they want their birthstone. You should also decide if you look better in white metals or yellow metals. White metals often suit people who have pink undertones, and yellow metals often suit people with golden undertones in their skin. However, what you ultimately decide will be dependent partially on personal preference. Also, take the time to decide if you like the comparative comfort of studs or the hanging aspect of drop earrings.

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